Thursday, November 03, 2005

10,000 Hits! A Time for Reflection

After yesterday, which included the most hits I have ever received in one day, my statcounter shot up to almost 9,900 - making it very likely that I will reach 10,000 today, far faster than I would have expected. And I count the Godol Hador's way, not DovBear's, though even by Dov's count I hit a milestone yesterday.

I'm going to celebrate by linking to my own personal favorites, some of which many have loved [or claimed to!], others which most probably never read. I'm only going to include posts that are not in my "Best Of SerandEz" scroll - which are to the left, and I recommend in a completely biased fashion. Anyways, here they are. The 5-second 5am reflection is on the bottom:

[EDIT: Wow - I didn't realize this would be so extensive. Find ones you think you'll be interested in. Or read all of them - my next 10,000 will come a lot faster that way!]

[NOTE: As always, the title of the post is an external link. For some posts, this may be important.]

All good milestone posts mention their first post. Mine was a picture - a good one, I might add...

My first good find was this hilarious video clip.

My first real post asked if Jews are smarter than everybody else.

Then there was my first anniversary post - one which counts, as opposed to this.
(Kidding, kidding... I'll probably do the same thing next year. I'm actually extremely impressed - it's a great accomplishment.)
How to change the world - something I hope I always remember.

A tragedy that befell a family I know all too well.

An analysis of an op-ed by James Taranto on how the media ruined John Kerry's campaign. [Stop the groaning... it's actually a good piece.]

Why interrogations are sometimes neccessary. Racial...
...profiling, too.

The evil among us.

My discovery of the J-Blogging world - specifically Soccer Dad, Shoshana, and Miriam & Paul.

My wife.

The first time I was linked.
Analyzing Chief Justice Roberts' speech.

Israel's negative income tax.

What the opponents say - and what do the non-opponents say.

The first part of our Crazy Shabbos. (Okay, I cheated - this is in the "Best of". But my friends love the whole series.)

When I finally discovered people I know read my blog.

Serach's feelings, expressed.

Apparently my most well-read post ever: Stuck on Stupid.
The other one that gets hit the most: Shidduch Music Video.

How to win your weekly NFL Pool. And later, proof.

The day I topped Michelle Malkin.

My meme. Is that redundant?

How Iraq shames the US.

Politicos start paying attention to blogs. [Now I have a few more posts on this subject as well.]

A DovBear mention!

Post #200.

Why Bush will be looked back on 30 years from now as wise.
Creating a monster - or just the possibility of a lot of good...

Why jerks who out bloggers are jerks. And remain so.
Wow. Okay, I guess I'm biased - that's 35 of the 225 I've written. And that's excluding the dozen or so in the "Best Of". But honestly, these are the ones I'm somewhat prouder of. I look back on some of my other posts, and wonder - how could I write that? It's such garbage! Another time I'll look at a post I originally thought was somewhat poor and think, "Wow. That's a really great point." It's strange to look back. When we're in the writing mode, we are sometimes too focused - the posts lose that ebb and flow that is neccessary to really draw someone into what you're saying. Other times, we think we're too disjointed - but when we see how we pulled it all together in the end, it's a wonderful feeling.

I still have not fully understood why I blog. But I enjoy it.

I hope you are all enjoying as well. Thank you so very much for your readership.


  1. Ezzie, Mazal Tov! Between your blog milestone and your NFL picks, you are definitley someopne who is going places - and fast!

    What exactly is the difference between DB's way of counting and GD's? (And what milestone did you reach acc. to DB's way of doing things)?

    Keep the posts coming.


  2. Thanks Ze'ev!

    Godol Hador counts Page Views - DovBear only unique visitors. Each has its drawbacks - people obviously will get more page views, because visitors come to the blog, then read different posts; but the unique visitors way of counting isn't so wonderful either. If a person comes once, then comes again 2 hours later, it still will register 2 hits. It's not as if it is measuring the amount of visitors perfectly.

    It also matters which one you think is more important: The number of visitors that come, or how much they're reading. If you care more about visitors: You want to count visitors. If you care more about how much they're reading: Page views.

    Personally, I see why people count either one. That's why I have the StatCounter to the left, and SiteMeter all the way on bottom. SC counts page views; SM shows the visitors.

    Sorry for the long-winded response... I'm spaced out while I wait for challah to come out of the oven.

    Oh yeah - I hit 5,000 visitors according to SiteMeter yesterday.

    Thanks again!


  3. Ezzie, I am not sure which I go by. My sitemeter doesn't tell me which vistors are unique, just how many are coming.

    I went over 5,000 visitors in a tad over 4 months on Tuesday. That would match up with about 7,000+ page views.

    The drawback of going by page views, as I see it, is that what if someone comes to the main site address, and not to aprticular post, they can be reading every single one of your posrs, but it only registers as a single page view.

    I noticed though, that according to TTLB, almost all of your vistors are unique - how do you manage that? Is that from all the carnivals that you submit to?

  4. Actually, I'm not sure - I haven't done many carnivals in a while, but I'm still getting them. That probably adds some. However, most of mine actually are not so unique - according to StatCounter, I get a lot of the same people every day - probably about 50-60 of them and rising - in addition to all the "new" ones. And that doesn't even count many who I know are the same, but for some reason their IP address constantly changes, like my mother sometimes.

    Also, that's one of the reasons I put in the "Click here to continue" feature for my longer posts. I want to know what people are reading; it gives me a better idea if I wrote something well. [The better the post, the more people will come back to it a second time - presumably to either see it or if there are comments on it again.]

    Your hit/page view ratio is lower, probably because all your posts are on one page. It's still not 1:1, because many people are coming through links (JRants, HH) and therefore get sent to one post page; then head to the main page for the rest.

  5. Congrats! It's a big day for us all.

  6. Thanks! And, as always, thanks for the links! I see you're almost at "higher being" status... :)

  7. Mazal Tov and to think that I knew you when.

  8. Jack - ha! True... crazy! Ah, for the insignificant microbe days...

  9. I only logged on 20 or 25 times today!

  10. Ma, I can see exactly how many times you log in. Your address I recognize :)