Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Blogosphere Super-Extravaganza 11/29: Blogging

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Basil reminds us that the Weblog Awards are going on... Sadly, I completely forgot and never nominated the blogs I would have liked to. Some were anyway, but many were not. We'll see if those at least make the final roll. When the nominees come out, I'll post who I think should win, and whom I would have chosen.

I disagreed with Everyman Chronicles on NZBear's revamping of TTLB. Plus, I already know where readers come from.

So does Mirty, who's crying over her devolving status.

Batya wonders why Blogger's spellcheck doesn't include words like... blogging?

BlogHd hits 250,000! Congratulations.

S./Mississippi Fred wants more comments. Don't we all... Best suggestion, which we all think but some of us wouldn't say:
If all else fails you can try the Dovbear method. Say something pretty far out or very nasty that you don't really mean. Wait until you are demolished in the comments and take a tiny baby step back. Or quickly add another four posts.
As S. said... Heh.

My blogosphere article is finished, and soon to be published. Let me know what you think. I liked this part the best:
The blogosphere is a world where there are discussions about - if not the answers to - everything you're looking for; where subjectivity reigns, and lies are shredded. It is a world of hyperlinks, templates, and tags; of blogrolls, carnivals, and trackbacks. Most importantly, it is a world of storytellers, pundits, and soap-box speakers; of writers, commenters, and silent lurking readers.
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  1. Thanks for the mention.
    Yesterday I tried the google spellcheck, and it was better than blogger; though I didn't check "blog."

  2. As of 2 weeks ago, if you'd google "blogs" I don't think their blogsearch would come up.

    You're welcome.

  3. What's an open trackback, and how do you do one?

  4. Go to Basil for a good example... Blogspot people can't really host them, though Basil and someone else figured out a way.

    Basically, someone says they're hosting an open trackback. They set up their post so that if you link to their post, and do a trackback to theirs, your trackback will show up within their post. This way you both get links, though on a blog like mine where you have to "click here to continue" the host won't [TTLB only looks at the home page].

    If that's not clear enough, ask again, I'll try to be more clear.