Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm Proud of... Jordan?!

I never imagined I would write a post like this - at least not in the near future. But Jordanians are inspiring the world today:
AMMAN, Jordan — Hundreds of angry Jordanians rallied Thursday outside one of three U.S.-based hotels attacked by suicide bombers, shouting, "Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!" after the terrorist's group claimed responsibility for the blasts that killed at least 56 people.
It is nice to see reactions like this, as opposed to some of the reactions we've seen in the past in other countries after attacks. On occasion, there have been those who not only do not condemn the attacks (or sometimes even if they do), they explain the views of the terrorists - as if they are legitimate reasons to carry out murderous attacks. There are also those who immediately assume that rather than the terrorists being forced to stop carrying out attacks, we should change to suit their grievances instead.

What is especially positive to see is the source of the rallies:
The Amman protest was organized by Jordan's 14 professional and trade unions — made up of both hard-line Islamic groups and leftist political organizations — traditionally a vocal critic of King Abdullah II's moderate and pro-Western policies.
Not only are people across the political spectrum gathering together, but "hard-line" Islamic groups - whom one might assume are most sympathetic to Zarqawi and Al Qaeda - are speaking out strongly against terrorism. It seems that at least in places where Arabs have some freedoms, they are not scared of showing their true feelings: And they're sick and tired of the terrorists ruining their lives.

Protesters — including women and children — gathered outside a bombed hotels, shouting, "Death to al-Zarqawi, the villain and the traitor!" Drivers honked the horns of vehicles decorated with Jordanian flags and posters of the king. A helicopter hovered overhead.

"We sacrifice our lives for you, Amman!" the protesters chanted.


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  1. Don't these people remember Black September? Jordan has a history of not taking to kindly to people who challenge their monarchy.

  2. True... but these are groups opposed to the monarchy! That's why it's even more inspiring.

  3. It is inspiring. I was also glad to see those protests on the news sites today. It is horrible what happened, but I believe these whack job terrorists will prove to the world how awful and impoverished their ideology really is... hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for the add to your blogroll as well.

  4. Copy Editor - Well said. And, interesting blog - it's an interesting collection from non-blog sources, some of which I can't see (registration requirements).

  5. Thanks. Every few weekends I retool the order of sites I scan in the morning. I owe a big effort this weekend to better the early morning posts.

    If there is ever an article I linked and you want to read in full, just request in the comments and I'll put it up there in full as soon as I can.

    You were right on to note the importance of these different groups supporting an anti terror message.