Sunday, November 27, 2005

NFL Update - Week 12

My picks are below... Glancing quickly, I think I will be better off if St. Louis and possibly Tampa Bay lose this week. As of 1:27, four games are going my way (if you include Houston over St. Louis and Chicago over Tampa Bay), one is not, and the other three are scoreless.

Carolina just scored, so make that 5-1-2. :) To be updated...

1:45 Browns are losing, but the other 7 games are all going the way I'd like. I realized that San Diego losing to Washington seems to be in my best interests as well. I should note that in a typical large pool such as mine, a person is better off losing a couple of games than having a perfect week. A perfect week would likely result in a tie, as someone else probably has the same teams to win. But the weights are different from one another, and that's where the differences come in. I have 3 points on St. Louis, but only a couple of guys picked Houston. Most have many more points on St. Louis - and it would be to my advantage if they don't get those points.

Only 3 people picked Washington over San Diego, and three more have less than the 7 I have on them. Tampa/Chicago is trickier: 13 people have Chicago, but not for that much. About the same have Tampa Bay, but many have large amounts of points. For now, I think a Chicago win is better for me, but that may change.

1:54 San Francisco and San Diego just pulled ahead; the Browns are still losing. The only two games with large leads are Houston over St. Louis (very good) and New England losing to Kansas City (very good). So far, not bad...

2:39 The three teams with large leads: Cincinnatti (my 16), Kansas City (my 15), and Houston (which I want to lose my St. Louis - 3). Very good. All the other games are within a touchdown.

3:14 Cincy is killing the Ravens, 34-0. Tennessee has walked all over San Francisco in the 3rd and are up 30-14. KC is up 26-10 on New England, Houston 24-10 on St. Louis. Washington is up 17-7 on San Diego; Chicago 13-3 on Tampa Bay. Those are all good. Buffalo leads Carolina 9-6, and the Browns are down 17-6 - not so good. But the Browns are at about midfield, so we'll wait and see...

3:45 The Browns have been terrible today, with 5 turnovers. They're on their way to a loss, trailing 24-6. Baltimore, meanwhile, has scored 3 straight touchdowns to cut Cincy's lead to 13. Carolina has pulled ahead 13-9. The Browns' loss will cost me...

3:58 Carolina, Kansas City, and Chicago win. Browns lose. SD/Wash are tied at 17.

4:33 St. Louis just won in overtime after an incredible comeback. Maybe. Officials conferring... touchdown! Wow. And San Diego won in OT as well. Cincy, Tennessee win too.

7:44 Oakland lost, but that actually is not bad for me. Jacksonville and Philly won; Giants/Seattle in OT. I've lost 29 points this week, which is around average.

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  1. The Giants game is exactly why I don't follow the NFL. I started my workout with about 2 minutes left in regulation and proceeded to have my heart broken in three different places.