Saturday, November 05, 2005

Big Surprise Coming...

I have an incredible surprise this coming Monday morning. I'm really excited. !!!!AAAAHHHH!!!! I can't wait!! (Sorry, I'm not trying to be mean...!)

Guesses, anyone? :-D


  1. I figured someone would guess that. I meant something a little different however. It's something I just found out about last night, and is going to happen tomorrow morning.

  2. My guess is a prestigious, internationally-respected publication will be featuring either your site or a post on your site tomorrow... Perhaps The Economist, The Financial Times, or The Wall Street Journal?

    Either that or you have been asked to be a guest announcer on Monday Night Football...

  3. Oooh, Croaky! Good call... :) Which one?! Those, another...?

  4. Ah, based on you request for HTML help last night, I deduct WSJ. Will it be, or do we get to see in one of those wonderful pencil sketches?

  5. I still think it is Monday Night Football...

  6. R2JB - I love those sketches! Good guess - opinionjournal. I'm impressed that you guys figured it out so fast. Hmph.

    Croaky - Oooo, and a good game, too...