Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blogosphere Super-Extravaganza 11/29: DovBear

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Ugh. DovBear, in his usual fashion, has thrown so much controversial material onto his blog that to sum them up I had to give him his own wing of this Extravaganza.

Quick note on DovBear's style, so everything might become a bit clearer:
If all else fails you can try the Dovbear method. Say something pretty far out or very nasty that you don't really mean. Wait until you are demolished in the comments and take a tiny baby step back. Or quickly add another four posts.
Anyways, here's what he had to say the last couple of days: First, he made fun of Christians for being upset that a Christmas tree was renamed a "holiday tree" in Boston. Many disagreed.
There are 500 billion of them, and ten of us. If we Jews could remain Jewish in czarist Russia, they can remain Christian gathered under the holiday tree.
Then, the Bear noted that Teaneck is less heretical than Williamsburg. On this, he's right, though it's only by a slight margin. I'm waiting to see him measure Queens or the fabled "out of town" [to New Yorkers] a.k.a. "Thank God outside the tri-state area" [to the rest of us] vs. anything in it.

He then properly ripped into Congressman Cunningham, who admitted to taking bribes, though he started some arguments in the comments.

Dov then started another argument with what was originally a good post attacking a clearly anti-Semitic point by a writer.

After kissing up to Ted Koppel and pointing out a flawed WSJ economic piece, he had an incredibly dumb post absurdly asserting that Christians blame Jews for the secularization of Christmas, and tossed in that haredim bash modern Orthodox Jews and not the reverse, which is only partially correct.

He got rightfully shredded for misinterpreting an article regarding police tactics, though the comments by some of his readers were more intelligent.
I mean, what's next? People in long, flowing, raincoats walking up and down the streets sneering "Papers Please!"
As noted in the comments, the article specifically noted that they would not be asking people for identification.

Finally, he finished with an excellent post on prayer, in which he asked the old question of why God would need our prayers.
One answer: "The answer is that the change that takes place through tefillah is not in G-d, but in ourselves."
All in all, it has been a fun week, and it's good to see the Bear back to his old self. He'd been in a funk since the Godol Hador's (fake) retirement.

I hope that DovBear can continue to entertain us with his completely biased, off-color, illogical, and unkind rantings based on cherry-picked and slanted articles. They force those of us in our right minds to wonder with bewilderment how someone so ridiculous is still such a draw that we can't help but come back to read more of his drivel. It's just... entertaining.

Welcome back, DB.

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