Sunday, November 13, 2005

NFL Picks - Week 10/More posts to come...

MONDAY UPDATE: Dallas won, placing me 37 points back (9th place) overall. For the week, I was 9-5 with 80 points - tied for 6th [of 28].

For an explanation of how I make these picks, see my the previous weeks' picks and the details...

My computer is acting up, shutting off at random intervals and making funny sounds. I'm not in the mood to yell at Dell today, so I'm dealing with it for now.

Anyways... here's this weeks picks:
[Home in CAPS; my picks in bold]
Min 12 NYG L
Sf 13 CHI W
Arz 8 DET W
Ne 4 MIA L
Bal 7 JAX W
L Kc 2 BUF
Hou 14 IND W
Den 1 OAK L
Nyj 11 CAR W
Stl 10 SEA W
Was 5 TB W
Gb 6 ATL L
Cle 9 PIT W
W Dal 3 PHI
I'm much more comfortable this week, with 12 home teams picked to win... Though I'm annoyed that Pittsburgh has a weight of 9 over my Browns. A couple more Browns' rating points and it would be a 7. I can't imagine that most people would have picked the other team in most of the games this week, which means it should come down to point placement and which upsets happen.

Last week: 12-2, 94 out of a maximum 105 points. T-13th out of 31. [Which is ridiculous - 94 would have won half the weeks.]

UPDATE: As bad as this week looks so far, I'm actually quite pleased with the results so far. While I've lost 5 games, they included my 1, 2, 4, and 6 - which means the measure of points is pretty solid. I'm a bit annoyed at Miami and the Giants, who blew games they should have won (and thereby cost me the week) - but that's part of the game. My 68 points right now place me 6th out of 28 [first has the exact same picks as me remaining, so I cannot win] - and I've gained on the overall leaders.

UPDATE: Browns lose, I move up to a 4th place tie (as of now) for the week with 77 points. A Cowboys win will put me 37 back overall, down from 45 going into the week.


  1. Hope you are wrong on NE/MIA...

    Here's Bush's speech from Friday. Link

  2. Ezzie, what happen to the friggin' Aikman efficency rating? Don't put a 12 on the Ginats, between you doing that and Shoshana skipping the game today, the Giants had no chance...

    The Ginats are supposed to be underdogs, not your #12, they play better as underdogs...

    That's Ze'ev's efficency rating... keep it in mind for the rest of the season!!!

  3. I think the Giants are going to cost me the week. Stupid time management. And Miami didn't help either, blowing 4 plays when they had 1st/Goal at the NE 5! Ugh.