Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey and LeBron James

All right: As I noted below, we've pretty much decided on our Thanksgiving menu. I think I'm going to use Robbie's suggestions to enhance the turkey itself, but I'm curious - do you think it's better to roast it in a bag, like Stacey and others have said? Why is that not dangerous (doesn't it melt)? And when basting, do you baste the entire turkey, which would entail turning it over; or just what you can get to?

Next: Lebron James and the Cavs are ridiculous. 8-game winning streak, 6-0 at home by an average margin of 21 points. Their losses were in San Antonio and in Memphis - no slouches. Their defense, thanks to coach Mike Brown and the additions of Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall, is excellent; their offense, unstoppable. Lebron's overall numbers aren't even as impressive as last year - he's "only" averaging 28.4 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 4.4 assists - but he's shooting a ridiculous 53% from the field and 36% from beyond the arc.

I think they have a legitimate shot at contending for the East title - Miami and Detroit are the only teams in their way, with Indiana close. They've already taken down Washington, Philadelphia, and Boston - and they play Indiana on Thanksgiving eve. As a side note, I feel bad for Bucks and Bulls fans (you know who you are) - your teams could easily go a little over .500 and come in last place in the division. At least the rest of the East is atrocious, so you'd still make the playoffs...

Go Cavs! Wine and Gold... wine and gold.

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  1. check this out:

  2. I'll leace football to you, but based on my experience of roasting turkey and other fowl, the bag is the way to go.

    IMO, this makes basting unnecessary, as the bag keeps the bird soaking in it's own juice and there is no loss of liquid.

    I've roasted a turkey for about four hours without any damage to the bag, but be sure to put a spoonful of flour inside and shake it around first. This will prevent it from sticking to the turkey. They make it out of some sort of advanced polymer designed to withstand the heat of the over.

    Good luck on your test, BTW.

  3. Football!? BASKETBALL. Methinks leave both to me. :)

    Hmmm... interesting - I like the flour idea.

    Yah - I have only read 1/2 of the first of four chapters. 3 hours to go. Will I make it?! Maybe if I'd stop coming online!!

  4. Jeez, I DO need more sleep, I just skip the sports stuff. My bad.

    Hint: Either kill your modem or diable your WiFi connection. Or turn your computer off!

  5. Sadly, my computer shut off on its own. &^%*^%* Dell.

  6. Ouch, hope you weren't using it to study.

  7. Nope. But it's still annoying... I don't have the time now, but when I do - Dell will be giving me some compensation. This is beyond ridiculous already.

  8. Hi Ez... What happened to Thanksgiving being a family holiday? Your menu sounds delicious and I know some very cute kids and their parents who don't have any T. dinner plans. :)JK

  9. LOL!! Ok - SIL, you may bring your husband and very cute children! The elder can be our entertainment!! :)