Wednesday, November 16, 2005

White House vs. Grey Lady

Wow. Everyone knew the White House was beginning to battle back against the "Bush Lied" mantra, but who knew they would do so in such an effective fashion?!

Not only do they take Senators to task with their own words, including (so far) Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Carl Levin, they are now ripping into major news media who are distorting history - including the Washington Post two days ago, for an article from the previous day.

Today, the White House was even more impressive: It systematically debunked almost every word from an editorial in today's New York Times, and did so after just a few hours. It's almost as if they are getting the hang of this whole "blogging" thing. If they would only add hyperlinks!

It is excellent, interesting reading. Check it out.


  1. If the White House is going to join the pajama-clad blogging crow, this is great, but they should go all the way. As you say, they need hyperlinks, but they should also get a good blog name. I would suggest "George's Jammies". It's a strange new world and getting stranger.

  2. Instead of "debunking" the Times editorial, how about starting with the Downing Street Memo?

    Don't hold your breath.

  3. This is a sorry attempt at impeachment of Ted Kennedy of all people, as if he was a war hawk prior to the invasion.

    Let's not forget Cheney's many speeches, filled with bad intel that the CIA had already informed him of.

    Let's not forget Colin Powell's somber dog and pony show, complete with "satellite photos" of mobile chemical weapons labs, depos etc.

    What a joke. Then the white house flak complains of how Kennedy, et al are endangering the troops.

    talk about Pravda! The troops wouldn't be in any danger if Kennedy's plan was followed and they were home.

    Please stick to yiddishkeit, please. You're supposed to be able to see through blatant propaganda.

    Follow the logic: Kennedy says we lied when war-mongering. We found one quote where Kennedy agreed with us about a particular claim. Therefore, Kennedy, too is guilty of deceitful war-mongering (although he was against the invasion).

    Puh-leeze. This is the stuff of lunatics' diaries.

  4. You are correct, this is definitely directed at the blogosphere.

  5. BTA - I posted yesterday why I think going after Kennedy is a bit strange, considering he voted against the war. But the points the WH makes are on the money.

    Gavriel - Ha! I like that: "George's Jammies" - email them!

    I emailed asking them to put in hyperlinks... let's see if they listen!