Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Help Us Make Thanksgiving

We've never done this before... so please, leave a comment with suggestions as to what we should serve, from turkey to side dishes to drinks to whatever. And of course, directions on how to make them! We're having a nice-size crowd (which means I still have no clue how many), but I actually like cooking - so bring on your best recipes!

Thanks! For your enjoyment, here's a picture of an area where hundreds of thousands of turkeys walk every day.


  1. Well all I can say is you may want to approach that idea with caution. I think The Gabbai is trying to poison you! ( ok maybe not) you may want to check out this post before you follow his suggestion.

  2. Really now? Hmmmm I'll have to put that idea to a friend of mine from who is a paramedic and has eaten in practically every kosher restaraunt in nyc. I'll get back to you on that.zb

  3. The worst thing to do is skimp on the cranberry sauce. It is the easiest thing to prepare and kicks the canned stuff to the curb.

    Most packages of raw cranberries have preparation instructions printed on them. Just make sure to add lots of cinnamon and some nutmeg. If you still need a recipe email me.

  4. Ok, I thought I posted this already, but, it's not here, so we'll try again:

    Here're the easiest mashed potatoes:

    (Assume roughly 1/4 - 1/3 of a pound of potatoes per person.)

    In a large pot (chicken soup size) cut up potatoes to about an inch or so in size. Cover with Chicken Broth/Vegetable Broth/Onion Soup and boil until the potatoes are crumbled easily with a fork.

    Then, pour out into a collander, and put the potatoes back into the pot. Add, to taste: Garlic (roasted or fresh), dried thyme, rosemary and marjoram, black pepper and, if you want to get fancy, carmelized onions.

    After that, using a masher (if you don't have one, you can use a fork, but I recommend buying one. They're cheap.) mash up potatoes. You'll need to add liquid (you can use water, or save the broth from earlier) to give moisture.

    Finally, instead of salt, use powdered Chicken/Vegetable broth. It'll give more flavor than just plain salt. You may need to use a lot - potatoes suck up salt.

    Mix that all together and taste it. Adjust anything as needed. If it's going to sit for a while, (it sits great in a warm oven - so it's also perfect for shabbos) add a bit extra liquid so it doesn't dry out. And, if you add too much liquid, you can boil it out while still in the large pot during mashing.

    Enjoy and Chag Sameach!

  5. Here's what I am making.
    Turkey & Stuffing
    Sweet potatoes (plain, baked)
    Green beans
    saute' onion and mushroom w/ salt & peppper in olive oil, blanche the fresh green beans, combine with the onions & mushrooms.
    cran apple cobbler

    I think you are supposed to figure 1 lb of turkey per person.

  6. Pecan and pumpkin pies are always great Thanksgiving desserts - I don't have a recipe though, sorry :(

  7. You can Google recipes for Thangsgiving! I'm a kitchen maven but I'm astonished at the world's most wonderful cookbook --- the internet! I always make a pumpkin soup and serve it in a pumpkin shell as a casserole/tureen. The secret to a moist turkey is to convect it at a low temperature and cook it all day. It never dries out that way. I love salads as well as simple cooked veggies with the turkey and dressing. I either do a cooked cranberry "sauce" or easier yet, just throw everything into a food processor and grind it up. Use one bag/box of cranberries, a whole orange, a whole apple (cored), a whole pear (cored), sweetener to taste and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, cardamom and cloves. Roasted sweet potatoes (yams) and white potatoes are wonderful. YOu can really get creative roasting other veggies along with potatoes. I use a little olive oil and fresh herbs. Desserts are of course, the traditional parve apple, pumpkin and chocolate pies. But most of all, ENJOY.

  8. Wow - so many suggestions! Thanks all! Anybody know how to do stuffing?!

    The Gabbai - Haha! Thanks - we thought of that, but we'll pass. Dougie's is okay, but overrated. Plus, we want to make it ourselves...

    JBMeister - Woah, that's bad. However, I've never been one to worry too much. Usually, violations means they've cleaned up a lot since. But thanks! By the way... the manager at Dougie's is himself an EMT I believe.

    R2JB - Recipe? I'll email you in a bit...

    Robbie - Sounds good! Maybe we'll try that one!

    Sara - Thanks! You reminded me I want to make Cranberry Crunch.

    Shoshana - Yum. I think we have one for pecan pie...

    Helene - My mouth is watering. Thanks!

  9. what happened to Thanksgiving of last year?!

  10. Last year, I believe we went to Baltimore and had incredible Chinese at my sister's. It was a lot of fun, and good food.

    I also got from Main Street to my sister's house in exactly 3 hours. Heh. :) And there was traffic on the Belt Parkway, and it rained half the ride.

  11. Make sure your oven time/space is worked out. Print out turkey carving directions (available on many websites). Don't forget to let the turkey sit for a while before carving (keeps the juice in the meat). Are you going to watch the parade?

  12. Cool, Ma, thanks. Umm, how am I supposed to watch the parade? Live?!

    Hmm.... not a bad idea...! We'll have to see.

    Can you call later? I need a couple recipes, etc.

    NOTE TO EVERYONE ELSE: I'm still looking for more of yours, too! Probably will look at them all, see which goes best with what, and make it all that way.

    Right now, leaning to:

    Pumpkin soup (??)
    Cranberry sauce
    Sweet potatoes
    Salad (heh)
    Pecan Pie
    Apple Struzel

    Maybe more? Who knows... [Ser says: You're kidding me. Maybe more?!] [YES. :) ]

  13. Get a 14 lb bird.


    Cook it real good.

    Don't poison my daughter.

    Gobble gobble.

  14. Last year, I believe we went to Baltimore and had incredible Chinese at my sister's. It was a lot of fun, and good food.

    David Chu's or Aviva made homemade?

  15. LOL. PT - It's 13+, is that okay?! And I wasn't planning on poisoning her... it's just something that happens sometimes. Sorry!

    Essie - Aviva make Chinese?! HA! No... I love my sister, but I believe it was David Chu's - which, for those who don't know, is the best kosher Chinese restaurant in the United States. It's better than Chosen Garden and Annie's Kitchen, and kicks Eden Wok.

  16. How awesome that you will celebrate Thanksgiving. I make this dinner every year. I love doing it. I gave some tips here (in the comments section):

    Have a great Turkey Day!!

  17. Stacey - thanks! Sounds good... your cranberry recipe sounds a lot like R2JB's.

    What do most people think - Turkey in a bag or not? Why doesn't it melt?

  18. Reynold's makes special cooking bags. Don't use a regular bag.

  19. November 22, 2005 3:55 PM
    Ezzie said...
    Last year, I believe we went to Baltimore and had incredible Chinese at my sister's. It was a lot of fun, and good food.

    I also got from Main Street to my sister's house in exactly 3 hours. Heh. :) And there was traffic on the Belt Parkway, and it rained half the ride.

    Let's not talk about how long it takes from Monsey to Lawrence on an Erev Shabbos...:)

  20. Sara - thanks! I probably should have known that... right? :P

    Reb Abe - LOL! Especially if you have to abandon your car and walk to your friend's house...

  21. I agree with David Chu's being the best - I miss it very much!