Thursday, November 03, 2005

S.I.L. Joins SerandEz

As many may have noticed, my picture and profile are not on the bottom of this blog anymore. This is a glitch that happens when there is more than one member of a blog - and this blog has added a new member, my sister-in-law, S.I.L., which I've mentioned previously:
Joining SerandEz in the future is S.I.L. - my sister-in-law. Welcome! Her posts will more often deal with life, life issues, happiness, spirituality, and what we can learn, leaving me with all the stuff that doesn't really matter. Nice. :)
She is blogging mostly anonymously, and though she primarily claims she's going to focus on "positive and uplifting and/or inspiring life events/issues", [my words not hers] which she claims are "lacking" on my blog, her first post just below this one was on... politics. Hmph. And here, I thought that was my department. Ah well...

Welcome to SerandEz, S.I.L.! A pleasure to have you join. (Otherwise, I wouldn't have invited you.)

[NOTE: I'm going to try and see if I can put the picture and about me back on the bottom anyway. Anybody have an idea of how to do so?]

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