Thursday, November 03, 2005

You might have noticed

I don't have time now to make a fancy Ezzie blog with links, so just believe me... In all the articles I have read about the riots in France - only one actually said the rioters were Muslims. Most articles, including those from the French media (not surprising) call them "poor immigrant" or "North African" Youths.


  1. Yay! You finally posted! Congratulations!

  2. Actually it would be wrong to say they're all Muslims, Many are North African, and they're obviously are Muslims (else they'd be Jews since that area doesn't have Christians).

    Many rioters also are black Africans, many of whom are Christians.

    The whole thing is a social, not a religious issue. Though apparently some extreme imams want to exploit this for religious purposes now, e.g. by declaring jihad.

  3. From what I've read of the stories, it seems far more religious than social. It's not because of poverty, I assure you of that.

  4. ezzie,

    Not that you'd have ever been there... The problem isn't religion, so if it's religion why do Christian Blacks riot as well?

    The point is there are no jobs, bno real opportunities to get an education... no cinemas or whatever... nothing to keep busy the young people... government should actually give them an opportunity to make something out of their lives.

    Oh and btw, when some of the rioters were asked what they want, none of them said the Islamic Republic or whatever, but they stated two points
    1) jobs and
    2) Sarkozy must go (the French minister who has strongly insulted the protesters and is considered by many to have actually provoked the riots getting so extreme)

    Also it's interesting to see "what you have read of the stories" is so contradictory to what your SIL has read... remember she says only one of the things she read mentions Islam.

    a gut voch/une bonne semaine

    from a Jew in Europe who has personally been there

  5. No - my point was that I agreed with her. We both feel that much of the rioting is because of religion, and yet the papers refuse to acknowledge it as such. There are a couple imams who have spoken out in encouragement of the rioting, and Islamist websites have encouraged it as well. I had not heard of any demands such as the one you saw - all reports I saw led me to believe the media did not want to acknowledge that Muslims were responsible. LGF has more on the same subject yesterday, as well.

  6. ezzie,

    I am aware that radical Imams sympathize with the rioters. But I don't think that's what really motivates them. After all you still haven't managed to explain the Christian rioters. I am not aware of any Christian clergy encouraging the violence that is going on.

    Actually today I something about rioters arrested already. IT seems like the gang leaders are between 18 and 21 about, they mostly have failed school, they say they've got nothing left to lose and they say they want to show they're still there. Many of their followers are only 13 to 15 years old.

    PS: Well, you agree with her in your claim, but "what you've read" doesn'T agree with many other media that she has seen, it seems.

  7. Sorry, I phrased it poorly above: My point was that I agreed with her assessment - the stories I'd read showed that the riots had little to do with poverty or even the electrocution, but rather religion; yet, the stories still refused to call them Muslims.

    There was also another story that LGF pointed to just a couple of hours ago that demonstrated that the 18-21 year olds you mention are far more organized than you implied.

    I cannot explain the Christian rioters - I haven't read any reports that discuss them. I'd also be curious if they are playing a major or very minor role.

    On a seperate note, do you have a blog? The one in your profile seems to be outdated.