Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Blog Roundup Extravaganza: What To Read

As it has been a few days, no thanks to Dell, this roundup will be split up into parts. There were a number of excellent posts all around the blogosphere recently, and I hate to leave some out, but I'm going to have to. Everyone has to draw the line somewhere...

[NOTE: I try not to overlap with Haveil Havalim... but sometimes it happens. I'm sorry if it does. Meanwhile, the latest HH is over at Mirty's Place!]

[Bold posts are most important, IMHO.]

DovBear has an interesting post on the word "Aishel" from last week's Parsha. The discussion in the comments is worthwhile reading - both the social and talmudical aspects.

Gil has an interesting post on Tzitzis. He's also got a picture of someone we've all heard of... can you guess who? (Don't peek at the comments until you've guessed!)

LamedZayin finished up an excellent series on Techelet over at Maven Yavin.
BTA started an interesting discussion on whether the world would have been better if Einstein had been in yeshiva.

Chaim questions the HASC Concert lineup.

The Gadol Hador is really retired this time. We think. The retirement/explaining his blog posts were interesting, particularly this one - which I found myself agreeing to, and not finding as dark as others did.

Orthomom questions a $27,000 bat mitzvah dress - and performances by Ja Rule and Ashanti.

Shira makes a few connections in prayers - and in song.
Miriam at BlogHd says the next few days are crucial to Israel's future political landscape.

Ze'ev notes which Likud members are following Sharon out - and which are not. Meanwhile, I think he lacks a full view on the Pollard story (not saying I have one either).

Nephtuli thinks Sharon is a big winner this time.

JoeSettler questions whether Sharon should even be allowed to create his own party - legally.

SoccerDad and TelChai Nation have roundups on this and their own commentary.
Mrs. Balabusta gets hooked on PlayStation2, while PsychoToddler gloats.

Orthomom and R2JBlogs point to a new blog, MovingOn. It is written by a father who has lost his 10-year old daughter. It is incredibly heart-warming even as it is sad.

Jameel is celebrating Thanksgiving. He also has a stunning picture.

Stacey lives a fairy tale weekend.

Shoshana defines herself - and in the process, whom we all want and need to be. Ourselves.
Speaking of drawing lines, CNN decided to draw two of them over Vice President Cheney's face today. As in a big "X". The Political Teen has video, while Michelle Malkin finds someone with technical knowledge. Analysis: Difficult to be a "mistake", as CNN claims.

DovBear tries to attack the GOP's House vote, which I mentioned yesterday, by saying it is different than what Cong. Murtha suggested. Some commenters disagreed, as did I in a post earlier today, stating that it clearly made the same points and required the same actions.
As a note: On Murtha's website, it finishes with this - in CAPS: IT IS TIME TO BRING THEM HOME. That's a little hard to explain other than it is time to bring them home. [Hat tip: NZBear, courtesy of Instapundit]
The Jesterites point to an excellent article ripping Congressional Republicans for taxing oil companies on windfall profits - and notes the lack of economic knowledge that seems to exist in Congress.
Wow. I know it's a lot, but they're all very good in their own way.

Check it out.


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