Friday, November 04, 2005

Blog Roundup 11/3

Sorry this is so late, but Blogger was glitchy earlier this afternoon. We then went to Manhattan to celebrate a friend's birthday at Le Marais, and had a great time.

On to today's roundup:

Little Green Footballs discusses "Paradise Now", the new movie that shows two men who decide to become suicide bombers. I've always liked how Charles Johnson (LGF) is able to write just a line or two and shatter the points of a number of paragraphs.

DovBear has a good post ripping Tom Delay for blaming Republican spending on Democrats. I think most Republicans recognize that the largest weakness the right has today is its irresponsible spending - for Delay to try and blame it squarely on the minority party is just stupid. [Both parties are spending like idiots - the Republicans, as the leaders, should be fixing it. Tom Coburn can't do this by himself.]

New York, and New Yorkers, stink. PsychoToddler points out an especially annoying turn of phrase that I hear all too often; Fudge, meanwhile, gets to meet a bona fide New York cabbie - hilarity ensues.

The group of guys over at the Inter-Galactic Jester, an old favorite of mine (it's the first excellent blog I discovered on my own), have had about 2 weeks straight of excellent posts. Go over and read some of the discussions - these guys are smart, educated, and fair in how they argue, even if I usually disagree.

My SIL joins the blogging world with an excellent point about the France riots.

Jack points (through Cosmic X) to a heartwarming post about David Hatuel, who 18 months ago lost his wife and 4 children to murderous Palestinian terrorists. He also discusses a favorite subject of mine: Statistics, and how they affect sports.

R2JBlogs has a very well written and thought-out post on how instability is a neccessary part of carrying out change. It is not a negative, but a sign that things are headed in the right direction.

The Hedyot has put up an extensive book review. It's interesting - and long. About equally of both.

EDIT: I meant to mention yesterday's Best of the Web, particularly the first two pieces. Taranto is at the top of his game.
Check it out.

[Roundup now available on Basil's Blog, Stop the ACLU, and the Political Teen]


  1. Only I'm supposed to keep these kind of hours!

  2. Ha - look through my archives, see what time most of my posts are.

  3. Thanks for the link. BTW, those of us with young children still keep these hours. :)