Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blog Roundup 11/9 - 11/10

As I noted earlier, it is a sad day in the Jewish blogosphere. The Godol Hador has left this world, taking away from us one of the most rational, interesting, and engrossing blogs that exist. His loss will be felt strongly throughout the J-sphere, and perhaps tomorrow I'll post a roundup of reactions. May his wisdom continue to have a positive effect on us all.

Before I continue with the roundup, a note to many of you. I was asked by a few bloggers to please include them or their posts, and I am happy to do so. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to find some of your emails with the site links you sent - please, feel free to send them again, and if you would like to be included in the roundup, send the links from specific posts - not just the blog itself. I'd also like to mention to those who've sent links - your blogs looked very interesting! Keep up the good work.


And now, on to the roundup:
BTA has another post up, though I think it's the comment by anonymous (and BTA's answer) that really show the great strengths of this new blog - which is quite a success already. I would not be surprised if there were many lurkers reading and debating whether to contribute on that blog...

Paul is continuing an interesting debate over the roles of Roshei Yeshiva (essentially the heads of the Jewish yeshivos, or seminaries) vs. Rabbonim (shul rabbis, community leaders).

Ze'ev discusses the unlikely relationships people build through blogs - and just how nice some bloggers are.

Amshinover has pointed us all to possibly the most disturbing video of the year.

On a happier note, PsychoToddler reminds us that Fudge's first broadcast is tonight! Listen in!

SoccerDad has a roundup of his own, where he also kindly mentions my published article. Thanks, David!

Instapundit quotes a great point about the NYTimes, and gives his best comments:


Judy Miller has been fired from the New York Times, and one of the Times's crack pavement-pounding reporters writes that "Ms. Miller could not be reached for comment."

What, they lost her phone number? And couldn't walk down the hall to the desk she was cleaning out?

Did I say "heh?" Yes, I did.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup on San Francisco's dumb decision to ban handguns.

Personally: What a bunch of idiots. They've set April 1st (ironic day...) as the day for everyone to turn in their handguns by. Thugs everywhere are celebrating. Who wants to bet that mid-April sees a huge climb in crime, as gangsters who really don't give a crap about the law begin robbing (or worse) people left and right at gunpoint - knowing that the law-abiding citizens can never pull a non-existent firearm on them?!

Are San Francisco people so out of touch with reailty?!
Check it all out.


  1. im the first new blog since godol z"l passed.
    my goal is to try to get the off the derech folks to stop coplaining so much about their woes.

  2. Endorsed by celebrity's, nerd's and blog readers everywhere, we are proud to announce the latest version of the "Anonymous" Seminars." From the creators of "Alcoholic Anonymous" we bring you "Blogger's anonymous."…More to come...(ok, more to come when my boss goes back to his office).

  3. Of course there's spellers anonymous too: For celebrities, nerds, and "rabbis" who have way too much time on their hands. :)

  4. Happywithhislot-

    I will make it my goal to make you stop complaining about the off the derech BTs complaining.

  5. Oy. Okay, I'm going to be the referee now: HH, you and BTA advise BT's on what to look out for; HWHL, you explain all the positive reasons why frum Judaism is good for them. Between the two of you, I think we'll end up with a large number of well-adjusted BT's who remain frum - and everyone will be happy! :)

  6. I jumped off the derech and never looked back. ;)