Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blog Roundup 11/7 and 11/8

Sorry this is so late, yesterday was a busy day and I didn't have time to read almost any blogs, let alone choose posts for a roundup. Therefore, I'm combining yesterday and today into one post.

Here we go...!
At 12:01 AM, posted its articles for the day. Among them: Why I'm Bullish on Bush, by a blogger named...Ezzie Goldish!! No way, that's the same name as m-WOAH, that's me!! Coolest!

Oh, come on... you knew that this would be first. Good discussion on my post here and here.

The Gadol Hador claims he's retiring!! Say it ain't so! And this, just as his posts are getting so good, such as this one, insults notwithstanding.

Basil explains how to have Blogger comments and HaloScan trackbacks (much like I do). As a note... the reason many people do this is quite simply because HaloScan comments don't have the options Blogger does - and erase after time - while Blogger doesn't really have TrackBacks (unimpressed with BackLinks so far).

Ze'ev is on a roll. A great post on a bus ride on a rainy day in Israel and an interesting post on the high level of contentment among Israelis with their lives - far higher than what I remember seeing among Americans. This, despite terror on a daily basis.

OrthoMom reminds us all to vote, and shares an inspiring story about the Palestinian child who was accidently killed last week - where his organs went.

Shoshana, who remains the most introspective blogger I read, has a post on prayer and notes that when discussing a problem you have with your friend, you should try not to speak around the issue.

Tel-Chai Nation notes that the BBC is starting to get scarily pro-Muslim terror.

Instapundit points to Tapscott's discussion of Senator Coburn's latest conference call. I've previously discussed the importance of these conference calls here, here, here, and here.

Glenn also notes how Cpl. Starr's girlfriend reacted to the infamous Times article.
Sorry such a long list, it's 2 days worth! Check it out!


  1. Hey Ezzie, thanks again for the links. You're putting too much pressure on me to keep the "roll" going?

    Also, how did Shoshana get ot be the most introspective bloger?

    Maybe we should start calling this blog ShoshandEz?

    Just joking.

  2. Thanks for the links, Ezzie! This is a nice feature.

  3. Ezzie,

    Been meaning to blog about this but short on time.

  4. Ze'ev - Ha! You're welcome. Shosh gets the title because of her posts. Go read them, I'm sure you'll agree...

    OrthoMom - thanks! I was wondering if people liked it. Glad to see many do.

    Jack - good article. Yet another proof that statistics (usually) trumps personal impressions.