Wednesday, November 23, 2005

DovBear's Friends Speak Up

(From RightWingNews via the Political Teen)

From the Democratic Underground, where DovBear likes to hang out: Are The Republicans Evil?

The lead post:
Un-restrained greed that the Republicans love is plain old selfishness carried to the point of being socially destructive, if anything is EVIL their greed qualifies. This EVIL greed dominates the Republican agenda regardless of religious affiliation or not. For these people religion is only a cover up for their blatant greed.

Religion is also a cover for war. Does it seem odd to you that those who support Bush's Crusade (WAR) in Iraq tend to be both the most pretentiously religious and the most greedy? IMO its consistent, but disgusting. These same Republican people use the word EVIL against those who disagree with their use of religion as part of their cover. It's a lot like using the word patriotic so as to condemn any one who disagrees with the worthiness of Bush's crusade. One thing in sympathy for Bush is non of the other crusades worked either. However Bush should have considered that fact before the invasion.
Some comments:
shenmue: Yes. Simple answer.
Yoda Yada: "Yes. They certainly do not advocate "Peace on Earth...Goodwill Toward Men". Now...that's not very Christian of them, is it
durrrty libby: I don't buy this excuse anymore “I know people who are registered "one issue only" Rethugs”

Sorry , that is not possible because, even if they disagree with much of the platform, they still vote it. Sort of like guilty by association.

So yes they are all evil, even if only by association. They are still enablers or really really dumb."

mitchum: Nor do I anyone who still identifies themselves as a republican is complicit in the chicanery and murderous actions
Skittles: short answer: YES. long answer: HELL F***ING YES
Oregonian: Yes. They are a cancer on the nation. The last five years have made that clear.
samsingh: yes and many more disgusting things. they are supported a mass murderer and all things that are against America.
Robertwf: Evil. without a doubt they are certified, guatenteed, and verified 100% evil
MrBenchley: Hannah Arendt wrote of the "banality of evil" in covring the trial of Eichmann...who thought of himself as a cog in a machine and focused on the trivia of his everyday routine, ignoring the evil that routine aided.

Something like that is going on with Republicans.

zonmoy: yes. they are evil men who worship an evil god.
C_U_L8R: Pure Concentrated Evil. false christians filled with hate and fear who desire to put the world in bondage and extract all the value and profit they can from their spoils of their pillage. May they all suffer unfortunate doom.
RWN put it pretty well:
While these comments are ridiculous, they're also completely consistent with the sort of commentary you get from liberals like Michael Moore, Howard Dean, & Ted Rall. If you hate Republicans and everything they stand for, think Bush is Hitler, and run around claiming Republicans hate black people and want to poison the air and water, then you're in essence calling Republicans evil, even if you don't use the word. These comments at the DU are really nothing more than lefties who're taking the rhetoric of prominent liberals to its natural conclusion.
It's really quite sad.


  1. Why the heck are you luring on there? Doesn't sound like a fun place to be...

    And BTW: Democrats aren't evil - they are just lacking a brain.

  2. I love the DU, there's alway ripe fodder for a post.

    The odd thing is that they insist that they are the reality-based community. You know, where Cindy Sheehan is everyone's mother, Michael Moore is Sergio Leone, Al Franken is actually funny, newspapers contain no bias, all evil is caused by either Karl Rove or Dick Cheney, and every day is a tin-foil day!

  3. Gene - I found it thru the Political Teen, I can't say I'm normally there.

    R2JB - HAHA.