Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Case for War

Dov Bear baited me earlier today with a post specifically attacking me, and while he didn't even link to me, I do appreciate his calling me "sweet".
A threat? In what sense was he a threat? He had no weapons. He had no relationship with Al Queda. He had no connection to 9/11. He had no means of attacking us, or anyone else. So, please, exactly how was he a threat?

And much as sweet Ezzie might like us to look the other way, and move on, we can't -and by God we won't -until some questions are answered.

Specifically, we demand a responsible investigation of the everchanging rationales the White House provided for attacking Iraq, along with an honest look at the pumped-full-of-steroids "intelligance" that somehow convinced us all the Saddam was a loaded gun.
I was busy with my previous post about the blogosphere at first [and with which I could still use help!], but I jumped into the fray a little later on. The entire discussion is worth reading, so check it out. Perhaps at a later date I'll combine all the points coherently into a post, but as I noted previously, I'd rather get past this. Enjoy!

NOTE: Despite the bantering, I actually do like the Bear. I tend to disagree with most of his politics, but his blog is easily one of the more entertaining ones out there - likely helped by his low blows at other bloggers, such as myself. Or, as I described him in the blog post:
DovBear, a liberal Orthodox Jew who blogs about just about everything, leaning toward cutting criticism of right-wing politicians and Jews of all stripes.


  1. Hey your permalink is not working...

    Also I don't see a 'contact me' link anywhere...

    I had recently repied to blogger who questioned the right of Israel to exist. I put a rather lengthy reply up on my blog to him, but am always curious to see what suggestions others may have for dealing with these left wing intellectuals from 'Eurabia'

    Link to my post

  2. Hey Gene! Interesting post, I'll link to it in my roundup.

    The "contact me" is in the header, not the sidebar, which is why some people miss it.

    Which permalink is not working?

  3. ezzie, I think in this case he is using you as an artistic device, not as an actual reference. Or he was too lazy to "a href" it. Or he didn't want you to TRACK HIM DOWN.

    I look forward to reading the debate.

  4. ezzie, I invite you to check out my writing on the Senate's actions tonight. I conclude that it was both good for the GOP and the country. Odd, huh? Link.

  5. Good post... The debate was in his comments. It's pretty good, I think.