Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weblog Awards!!

I saw a very interesting note on SoccerDad:
1) Wizbang! has announced the 2005 Weblog Awards. If you're a blogger you might want to nominate yourself. If you know or like a blogger but aren't one yourself, nominate him/her/it. There are plenty of categories and nominees but only a few will be chosen.
Categories include... pretty much everything you can think of. There are 20 regular categories, 7 regional categories, and 10 TTLB-Ecosystem based categories. Later, I will try and update this to include my own picks for some of the categories.

Now, if anyone wants to nominate a certain blog for the Best New Blog category... ;)


  1. Hahaha. I gotta see if there is a category that suits you. ;-)

    I would not mind a nomination for best Liberal/Moderate insomniac newshound new blog...

  2. Ah, you'd win too easily. I think that's why it's not there.

    If you do see anything that fits me (ahem!) I wouldn't protest.