Monday, November 28, 2005

Where Readers Come From

*note: If anyone thinks I should take this down, I'll consider it. I don't think that this gives away anything, as my SiteMeter is available to all, and this doesn't identify a soul. Readers may recall that I am outspoken in my distaste for "outers". But perhaps I am missing some technical thing that would allow others to identify people.*

I've always considered writing this type of post, but I never actually did. But it's always intrigued me: The people who read this blog are from a wide array of institutions and organizations, different fields and jobs, colleges and homes. Y'all know who you are, but I (usually) have no clue. Maybe I'll get a Frappr map, a la Jack...

Meanwhile, here are the places some of you are from, which makes me wonder if anyone actually works anymore: (notice that some cities are off; some companies/schools route their lines through other places... the differences in where Einstein shows up is a case in point, unless people are accessing their server from remote locations)
US State Department - Washington, DC
T. Rowe Price & Associates - Baltimore, MD
Commonwealth Medical - Plano, TX (we just had over a couple Plano girls...)
Raddison Edwardian Hotels - London, UK
Mississippi State University - MS
Maryland Hillel Foundation - Baltimore/College Park, MD
Univ. of Maryland at Baltimore - Baltimore, MD
Columbia University - New York, NY
Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson - New York, NY
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - Boston, MA
Jewish Chronicle Ltd. - UK
Prudential Securities - Irvington, NJ
Accutrade Inc. - New York, NY
BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan - Detroit, MI
Fairfax County Public Schools - Alexandria, VA
Einstein College of Medicine - North Bergen, NJ
Einstein College of Medicine - Sharon, MA
Info Sys of US House of Representatives - Oxon Hill, MD (near WashDC)
US Army Research Laboratory - Hyattsville, MD
And that doesn't include the majority, who show up as the ISP they're using, be it Comcast, Verizon, Adelphia, AOL, or something else.

Recent cities:
Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Israel
Frankfurt, Germany
New York, Forest Hills, and Brooklyn, NY
Baltimore, Oxon Hill, Cockeysville, Hyattsville, and College Park, MD
Fairlawn, Englewood, Clifton, Passaic, North Bergen, Irvington, and Piscataway, NJ
Irving & Plano, TX (both Dallas)
Atlanta, GA
Detroit & Ann Arbor, MI
Washington DC
Asheville, NC
Monroe, LA
Colorado Springs, CO
Los Angeles, CA
Racine, WI (Milwaukee)
Most interesting: This is all just among my last 100 visitors, or basically since this morning. Isn't it amazing what the blogosphere can do?!

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  1. I have recently also wondered what on earth my friends and I are being paid for, as I spend my time at the office IMing, e-mailing and blogging. But life should would be boring without the Internet! Or if I actually had to work hard!

    By the way, I meant to tell you, stemming from your suggestion a while back, I just bought myself a Lifehouse CD, and am really enjoying it. Thanks!

  2. Which one? Sick Cycle Carousel?

    But life should would be boring without the Internet! Or if I actually had to work hard!

    Amen!! :)

  3. I actually bought the one titled for the band, because it had the song I keep hearing on the radio - You and Me. It's keeping me and my IPod happy. I also stole another song from my roommate - Hanging by a Moment, which has been a favorite for a while.

  4. Those are excellent songs... but you'd like a few others on Sick Cycle Carousel. If you find someone who has it, try and get it! (Or buy it!)

  5. Hey I have the site BF Mapstats link on my main site... you can always see where the last 100 people came from on a google map... pretty cool stuff...

    I always show up as USA rather than a state... national ISP I guess, although my blog name kind of gives my location away :)

  6. Ezzie, how can you tell where the 1st list is from? Did it come up that way, or did it just have locations and then you had to do something else to find out more?

  7. Gene - how accurate is the map? That sounds cool though - Google maps are more accurate in general.

    Ze'ev - That's how it comes up, but that's using StatCounter's stats; not SiteMeter. SiteMeter does have the same info usually somewhere, though...

  8. I guess I dont check your blog enough from work to be counted...Well then, I might have to stop checking this blog and do some actual

  9. Apparently, you were just not checking yesterday between certain hours.

    Actually, it's because you tend to show up as AOL: All AOL people in the NY-NJ area seem to show up as Reston, Virginia. I've never really understood that.