Thursday, November 24, 2005

NFL Picks - Turkey Weekend (Week 12)

SUNDAY UPDATE: The rest of the updates are above...

: Stupid Cowboys... OT loss. Oy. Ah well... Here's hoping I win all the rest of my games but St. Louis!! /

I wrote a really wonderful post [IMHO] on Thanksgiving last night, and when I hit submit post... my computer crashed. Dell is lucky their techs are in India, because I have half a mind to go over there and [violence deleted]!!! ARGH!

Anyways, on to this weekend's NFL picks:
[Home teams in CAPS; my picks in bold]
W Atl 1 DET
Den 6 DAL L
Bal 16 CIN W
W Car 12 BUF
Ne 9 KC W
W Stl 3 HOU
Chi 2 TB L
L Cle 11 MIN
W Sd 7 WAS
Sf 14 TEN W
W Jac 13 ARZ
Mia 10 OAK L
Gb 8 PHI W
Nyg 5 SEA
No 4 NYJ
Pit 9 IND
For an explanation of the system I use, please see my past posts on the subject. Last week: Not good. 10-6 with 89 of a possible 136 points. Gotta run to go shopping, more posts to come once I get the cooking started (the turkey is already in the oven, don't worry...)!

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  1. You disrespect the Pats!

    I am sending a letter to Rodney Harrison.

  2. Pats, my dear sir, are atrocious.

    Side note: Romeo Crennel, the former Pats D-coach, is now the Browns' head coach. The Browns, among the last in defense last year, are tied for 5th in points allowed this year.