Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

All right, let's try and write this again...

We're just about done making all the food for our wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Our meal is going to be a bit later than most of you, many of whom are probably halfway through your meal. We're eating at about 6:30/7:00, primarily because the first person who made us decide to have this is flying in from Chicago on a flight that arrives at about 6:30. It looks like we're having a little over a dozen people, and if my brother and sister-in-law decide to bring their two kids that will be a few more.

The Menu (slightly different from what we thought it would be):
Yellow split pea soup. With lots of sweet potato. Smells good...

Stuffing. Which I've never had... looks good!

Salad bar, with a few different types of combinations available. Hard to explain... basically, there's the typical salads for the boring people and then the ones that are a bit different that most of our guests love. And they're large males between 19-23 years old, usually. And, before anyone asks, everything we serve is legally acquired at Wasserman's or the like... if you don't count their highway robbery prices as illegal.

Cranberry sauce. With oranges and pineapples, along with cinnamon. I couldn't find real raspberries.

Sweet potato/regular potato concoction. I'm not sure, Serach says to trust her. Apparently, this is a clause somewhere in our kesubah or something. I was just going to do baked sweet potato (and I still might... hehehe). But her recipe sounds good, too... and looks just fine.

Chocolate pecan pie. Yum.

Apple Struzel. Apples, cinnamon, sugar, and a flour/brown sugar top. Sweet.

One friend is bringing another dessert, while another may be bringing something else for the meal. One guy who works at Dougie's in Teaneck may bring over wings after his shift, too. We still might be making some other things, too.

HAHA - okay, I knew I left something out: TURKEY. Nice, big, fat, juicy turkey. I already cut it, so it can sit in its juices and all for a while. But I took a nice picture of the whole thing (I'll try and put it up later). Looks really yummy.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving!

May we all find much to be thankful for this year, and find it easy and enjoyable to be thankful to all those who help us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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