Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blog Roundup 11/15-16

Wednesday will likely be a slow blogging day, so please feel free to peruse the archives... I would really appreciate any suggestions and/or answers people may have for me for a couple of my recent posts: Welcome to the Blogosphere and Getting Back to Blogging. Thanks!!

Here's today's roundup:
Gene has an excellent post detailing the Jewish people's claim to the Land of Israel. While some of it may be old hat to many of us, I still found it interesting. But what should really get you over there is the reason he wrote it in the first place: Quite disturbing, if you read the first lines closely.

Edit Copy has an interesting post, particularly for someone who leans slightly left, on why the GOP's move yesterday was genius - an idea that I'm surprised more people haven't thought about.

Krum, LamedZayin, S., and ADDeRabbi have started a blog together called Maven Yavin. This should prove to be interesting, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. Good luck!

Jack tells his children what's important.

Best of the Web starts off with a shocking admission by Dean - one which doesn't surprise many of us.

Nephtuli makes a great point about the torture bill.

Orthomom liked Ushpizin... I gave my thumbs up over Sukkos. She explores aspects I didn't - good review! Maybe she has another occupation in the making... [note: What's with her "Check it out" comment at the end? Is she "stealing" it from someone? :) If so, what a compliment to that blogger!]

PsychoToddler has some video of his band playing with Shlock Rock - the sound is great!
Check it out. ;)


  1. Thanks for the link, Ezzie.

    I assume you're kidding about "check it out". Just for argument's sake, though, I did a search of my blog for the (really quite common) phrase. My first usage is way back in June.

    Check it out. ;)

  2. Thanks for the link.

    If anything, these quarterly reports before the Senate will make 2006 even more interesting.

  3. You own the phrase "check it out?" And you think it's a compliment when OrthoMom uses is? Lord, it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way, huh Ezzie?

  4. Anon (DB?!) - I think OM realized I was kidding. Why can't you? It's one of the most common phrases...


    Copy Edit - Another point I should have mentioned: What happens when the quarterly reports show true progress!? Imagine if they come out anything like the WSJ's (orig: Chrenkoff) "Good News from Iraq" - the Dems may be in dire straits.

  5. I hope they show progress.

    I'm not sure that they will, but I hope they do.

    These reports can act with the effect of timetables. Produce or get out.

  6. Considering the progress that's already being made, I'm a bit more confident. The only issue I'm concerned with is their troop readiness, which is going slower than expected.