Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blogosphere Super-Extravaganza 11/29

...and that's not redundant.

NOTE: Scroll way down for the latest from SerandEz... including S.I.L.'s latest, hilarious post: Good Night Loon!

I would call this a Blog Roundup as I normally do, but there's just so much out there from the past couple of days. I'm going to seperate it into categories again... and this time, I'm going to seperate each category into its own post.

Here are the categories, with links to come as they are finished: And if I think of any others, those too. All posts, unless there are exceptions that I didn't notice, are from the last 3 days.
While these are all obviously posts I especially liked, bold posts are the best of the best IMHO, excluding my own of course. ;) Enjoy!
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  1. Too many links. I like it when they're all on one post.

    But that's just me.

  2. Yah, but 50 posts in one was a bit much. This way you get to choose what topic you want to look at, at least...

  3. Hi,

    I'm a new visitor to this blog, but please allow me to offer you my unsolicited opinion :)

    What makes a good blog is a unique voice. While there is a place for mass linking to other blogs (Carnival style), your blog tends to lose its unique voice when you do it so frequently.

    For what its worth, I think your blog would benefit from you posting more about your thoughts on issues than these mass link posts. I have read a couple of your opinion posts, and think that your strength lies in those types of posts, and not these.

    Please take this as constructive criticism, and even a compliment on your opinion "pieces."


  4. Aussie - Thank you. My mother said the exact same thing last night on the phone. I do understand that, which is why I try to point to some of my own pieces in these roundups as well.

    However, I do think it provides a service to the readers of this blog, and in general draws a few more readers here - for instance, how did you discover this blog?

    Unless someone points to a blog, nobody will ever see it in the first place. Had SoccerDad not mentioned me, or DovBear, or the Political Teen, I'd have very few readers. I like these roundups because they open up my own readers to other great blogs and/or posts out there: And I think it's pretty effective.

    In the end, I think I post substantive material almost as often as if I would not be doing these roundups. If it were really hurting the amount I write, I'd either slow them down or cut them out. Percentage-wise, it's lower; but in terms of total content, I think I'm still writing almost the same amount as I always was.

    Thank you very much for the honest critique, something I don't get often enough from people other than my mother and S.I.L. If you have more, I'm welcome to hearing them. And I do hope you'll continue to return!

  5. Ezzie
    What do i got to do to get a mention. I had a cross blog, world class machlokes going (3 blogs, mine, dov and miss. over 50 comments between them).
    Because of me, BTA wants to learn some shas sugyas (ok, not solely, but defineltly contributed)

  6. Ezzie
    Thats not going to cut it.
    Ive posted a beautiful, long winded, philosphically rich, essay for you to extoll about. (it seems thats what gets everyones attention, not the short posts, YOU advised me to write).

    Now go to it!

    Just kidding!

    Well, halfway, I simply dont think a throw away line about me not being happy is going to do it. I was responsible for a 3 way machlokes spanning blogs. That deserves major kudos.

    But I will leave up to your good judgement when to showcase me.

  7. Happy - LOL. Firstly, I was trying to only include posts from Sunday thru Tuesday. Plus, your responsibility was primarily because of your comments there, not the post itself. And don't worry, I'll link to you when you've got good stuff in the future too...

    Notice that some of my favorite blogs (PsychoToddler, Fudge, etc.) didn't even get in at all - because they haven't really posted the last few days. It happens...! Plus, at least I commented on yours. I'm waiting for Ze'ev to kill me for just putting up his blog without even pointing to specific posts. ;)