Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Outing Bloggers, Part II

I discussed last night the disgusting practice many have of trying to "out" bloggers. At the same time, someone who is anonymous e-mailed me. Unfortunately for them, their email has their full name on it. Fortunately for them, I will not be "outing" them.

As a warning to all those who may not have realized this: Your e-mail name will show up when you e-mail others! Change the name that shows up if you wish to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, the Godol Hador has written another post on the threats he has received, and had this to say:
UPDATE: While I might consider closing this blog down if it is the right thing to do, I certainly will not give in to threats. If anyone thinks they can threaten me to get me to close down, I GUARANTEE that I will DAVKAH double or TRIPLE my output L'HACHIS (but don't tell that to the Rebbetzin).
Good. He also points to the discussion going on at Gil's blog, Hirhurim, which I pointed to yesterday. It's quite interesting, all the bickering notwithstanding.

I am also hoping Gil will write another post discussing the halachic (Jewish law) guidelines for stopping an "outer". [And I understand he is not a posek.]

Others on this subject: Krum points out some of the ramifications that have been caused by outing people.

UPDATE: Canonist weighs in as well, giving situations where perhaps someone should be outed. I disagreed, partially, in a comment. Importantly, he notes a proper way of doing so, which I would agree with. As another note: Perhaps one should ask an outsider's opinion (not one whom one is sure will agree) as well.

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  1. So, does someone who threatens to out your blog count as a rodeif? ;-)

    :-O (don't answer that) :-P

  2. Steg - haha. I guess, in a blogger sense, that is the question!

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  4. Wow - interesting comment - I wish you'd have put this on the post above... perhaps I'll copy it there.