Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blogosphere Extravaganza: Halacha & Hashkafa

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[Simple translations: Halacha = Jewish Law; Hashkafa = Jewish Thought]

Halacha & Hashkafa:
The Godol asks if God is your buddy. Excerpt:
So how do religious people cope?
  1. They are not really thinking about G-d very often .
  2. They are not really thinking about who G-d actually is, but see Him as some kind of divine buddy .
  3. They are thinking about this correctly (to whatever extent), and the elevated madreigah they get to as a result of that enables them to function normally.
The comment thread is amazing.

Responding2JBlogs wonders about a fulfilling lifestyle, and is still waiting for that Eureka moment to be convinced of a Jewish life.

The Gabbai has a nice debate on homosexuality and Judaism.

ADDeRabbi discusses the first FFB [frum from birth] at Maven Yavin.

S./Mississippi Fred discusses the Oral Law - and why to be Jewish one must follow it.

Gil discusses the Brooklyn Eruv. Or non-Eruv. Depends who you ask.

S. also discusses what "Ivri" means.
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