Sunday, November 27, 2005

Holiday Weekend Roundup 11/27

I'm still looking for everyone's thoughts...

Meanwhile, here are some other people's thoughts that stuck out at me tonight:
Politics/Abortion: CWY starts off explaining how he sometimes disagrees with conservatives by stating that to say "abortion is murder" is wrong. Nephtuli notes only that Roe should be overturned if only because it is a terrible interpretation of law.

Judaism: BTA has letters to R' Sampson Raphael Hirsch; the letters and following discussion are both quite fascinating.

Shira asks if non-religious Judaism can be self-sustaining.

Society: DovBear saw Harry Potter - thumbs up mostly.

ADDeRabbi points to an incredible article about a pigeon and seminary girl.
There are a bunch on Israel I'd like to add, but I'll do those tomorrow. I'm falling on my face. Meanwhile, enjoy the added blogs! :) Check it out...!

UPDATE: Because Haveil Havalim is today, I'll skip the Israel posts. My guess is Ze'ev may use them...

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