Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dell & Blog Roundup, 11/18

My fun with Dell continued today. At first, I was rather impressed. They sent me the hard drive rather quickly, and I received it today as the technician they sent out was replacing my motherboard. He was an intelligent, nice, sweet man who did his job professionally and carefully.

But it didn't help. My computer is still heating up and shutting off. They're sending out another tech (tomorrow?) to replace the heat sink (or is it heat sync? both make sense...) and fan. Today, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with "Rachel" and one of my all-time Dell favorites "Melody". I've never heard anyone butcher the name Melody into such a non-melodious name before.

On to tonight/tomorrow's roundup:
Mirty has another post up on CodeScripter, detailing how to make a nice fancy header like she has. Ironically, Gil over at Hirhurim just put up a really nice fancy one which I think is beautiful.

LGF questions the public responses of Arabs to terror attacks. Soccer Dad beat him to it - and detailed it far better.

Jameel pointed me to JoeSettler, who has an interesting analysis of Peretz vs. Sharon.

The quartet at Maven Yavin are publishing feverishly - it's hard to keep up! But their material is incredible.

Bryan Preston (posting at Malkin) and Glenn both point to a great article by Byron York.

Preston also notes that the "Just Google It" catchphrase (pointed at the left) is picking up steam. Here's a cool link someone created... I hope this works:The Political Teen has excellent video of John Kerry from today, laying out a plan for Iraq. Or not.

He also has video of Tim Russert shocking Ted Kennedy on Meet the Press, which I mentioned recently.
Check it out!


  1. Good luck with your computer - they are so great, but can be such a pain at the same time. Have a great Shabbos!

  2. Reb Abe, Shoshana - Thanks! Have a great Shabbos!