Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Considering we only decided that we were definitely having one earlier this week, it was incredible that so many people came - and it was not simple for any of them to get here. In the end, I believe 18 people showed up (plus Serach and I), and though we can't seat nearly that many, some came late enough that other people just moved to the couch.

It was also nice to see the diversity of the crowd: People from all different backgrounds and cities, going for different jobs or majors, with different tastes and ideals. As an example, people hailed from: Cleveland, OH (2), Monsey, NY (4), Richmond, VA (2), Woodmere, NY, Phoenix, AZ, Dallas, TX (2), Chicago, IL, Brooklyn, NY (2), Memphis, TN, Montreal, French-Canadia, Albany, NY, Milwaukee, WI and Passaic, NJ.

It was also an interesting array of talents: From people majoring in accounting to finance, computers to special ed, law to actuarial work. A guy who IBM is flying to Atlanta for an interview, a graphic designer for a major outreach organization, and a guy who designs all his own clothes - and wants to open up a designing business [he's that good, too]. A woman who's going for her PhD in psychology, and her husband who is an incredible Jewish singer [two CDs so far]. One with a Master's in Education & Special Education, another on the way. The list goes on and on.

The food came out delicious - almost everything was devoured. Surprisingly, Thanksgiving wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. I think it came out to less than a typical Shabbos here, and though I'll grant Shabbos is 2 meals, we don't normally have 9 guests a meal. Well, not usually, anyway. Anyways, a great time was had by all (right?!), and it was well worth the price, as it always is.

Even though I have to go wash the pots now.

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  1. Sounds fabulous, Ezzie, and such a diverse crowd! Awesome. Glad to hear it was such a good time.

  2. Stacey - thanks!

    Reb Abe - and you even came, unforced! Not because you were: lost/stuck/getting or fighting a ticket/etc... Incredible! ;)

  3. lol. Not to mention lost/late for date's....