Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday Night Fever - Dating Advice

We just got back from a very nice night out with some friends... Both KickBoxer and Polish Housekeeper (who's neither Polish nor a housekeeper, but is a tzadekes - and I'm not just saying that because she may read this) came to visit us tonight. We went to Strawberry Cafe (which Serach just threw up - how's that for detail?!), and stopped at 24Girl's 25th birthday party for a couple of minutes. She had great chocolate chip cookies, good beer choices... and it was not our crowd in general - though her sister and sister's husband stopped in as well, so we were able to congratulate him on passing the bar. Then we drove around aimlessly for a while.

After a bit, we decided to go bowling and picked up another girl on the way. A few of my friends were there (HighVoice, FrenchDiagonal, Spaz, and Floos) so we went on the lane next to the them. Only Serach and I ended up bowling from our group - the other girls just sat and shmoozed. I won a free game for a strike when the red pin was up front - and so did all four of the other guys. All in all, not a bad night, but too many times the bowling ball got stuck on my fingers - 141, 125, and 128 were my scores.

The most important point of the night: I was once again impressed by my friends. Two of the guys had actually dated one of the girls - one had broken up with her, she had broken up with the other one - and yet they were all able to be themselves and not feel awkward about it. These are three guys who learn full-time in yeshiva [the other is a YU grad], who don't "hang out" with girls, good guys... yet they have personality, common sense, and great manners. Thank God, with all the terrible dates and bad experiences both the guy and girl friends of ours have had - and they are way too many - I'm confident that they will end up happily married to great people, because they themselves are great people.
Being a mensch and being yourself are the two most important things - in dating, in marriage, in life.
I'm proud that most of my friends can be both at the same time.

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