Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Blog Roundup

Today is one of those days where I seem to find really good posts all over, and I just don't know where to start. Starting soon I think I will start doing a blog roundup of some good posts I've seen every day. I'll take anywhere between 3 and about 7 posts a day and link to them.

For those that are on my blogroll, I'll likely see your posts - but feel free to send me ones you think are particularly good; for those that aren't, please send me links to good ones! Every once in a while I update my blogroll anyway.

One reason I'm going to be doing this is the numerous times I find articles that make a point I've been trying to make, or have been thinking about writing about. Another reason is that I often find points or reasonings I could never have thought of on my own. There are so many good bloggers out there - some for their incredible handle of information, others for their writing style, and others for their sheer content. It's an honor just to read so many of you.

Now, for some quick links that I have seen in the last few minutes alone:

Chaim - The latest temper tantrum in Washington.

The Godol Hador - Makes an excellent point at the end of the post about the Fundamental reasons the world is in existence.

Ze'ev - The EU takes over security at the Rafah crossing. A number of excellent points. Here's a quote:
Does anyone believe that the EU is any better than the UN?
Classmate Wearing Yarmulke - Two posts linking to two great articles.

Then there's this nice post by Responding 2 J-Blogs, who's posting great stuff on a regular basis.

Finally, there's Shoshana, who always has the knack for saying the right thing:
It amazes me how two people, both part of the same conversation, can read things so differently.
Something to keep in mind with everything that's going on these days.

[edit:] I knew I'd forget a couple. LGF has a link to an incredible analysis of suicide bombers, and the Political Teen discusses how the Democrats (hopefully only a few) are playing the race card on Alito. (And now, the Political Teen has linked to me!)


  1. Heh. Thanks! But that remains to be seen...

  2. Wow, thanks. That's quite a compliment. Glad you enjoy. I always enjoy your comments.

  3. No problem Shoshana - you're one of the bloggers that always makes me either smile or think.

  4. Ezzie, does that mean that you cant smile and think at the same time? Kind of like walking and chewing gum...

    Thanks for the link.

    Ezzie, I am thinking that you should do one of those Podcast shows and talk about your NFL picks for the week... For those of us who need action...

    Also, try not to put HH out of business.

  5. Ze'ev - LOL. You're welcome. And, LOL. I'll try not to - I will usually focus on posts that have little to do with Judaism or Israel, or are of the type that HH doesn't seem to touch on. In fact, yours is the only one that would go in a typical HH. But thanks for the reminder.

  6. Well, Ezzie... Let's not be too hasty... you are always welcome (and even encouraged) to include my posts in your roundups - I will just have to find others to submit to HH.

  7. Oh, I will, I will. And you can submit the same ones to HH - I doubt I'm read by more than a large minority of those who read HH.