Sunday, November 27, 2005

11/27 Roundup

Just a few hits from the major blogs...
Instapundit has a very good post saying Iraq is a reverse Vietnam. An excerpt:
In Vietnam, the brass talked happy-talk, the press talked to grunts and reported that the war was going worse than we were told. But now it's Americans who are talking to the grunts, and, as StrategyPage noted last year, getting a different picture of how the war is going:

So you don’t have to wait for the official version of what’s going on, or for reporters on the scene to get their stories to the folks back home. The troops send email, or pick up the phone, sometimes a cell phone, and call. This has caused a lot of confusion, because the media reports of what’s happening are often at odds with what the troops are reporting. This has been particularly confusing in a year where there’s a presidential election race going on. The Democrats decided to attack the way the war on terror, and particularly the actions in Iraq, was being fought. Part of that approach involved making the situation at the front sound really, really bad. But the troops over there seemed to be reporting a different war. And when troops came home, they were amazed at what they saw in the newspapers and electronic media. Politics and reality don’t mix.

The Political Teen has video for part of Reynold's post; he also has pictures of Cindy Sheehan's book signing. As you can see, she had a nice crowd - of reporters.

LGF notes the new leadership in Fatah. As he says:
Oh yes, and the hopes for peace are much higher with a young “activist” who calls himself “Hitler.”
Check it out.

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