Monday, November 14, 2005

Getting Back to Blogging

Hello, readers! I need your suggestions and help. I'm trying to revamp bits and pieces of SerandEz, such as separating past posts into categories, fixing up Technorati tags, placing some kind of separation between posts, etc. And, I don't want to bug Mirty for everything, though her CodeScripter blog is great.

Before I start, I should note that this blog looks far nicer in Firefox than Internet Explorer. I've given up (a long time ago) on trying to make it look nice in both.
1) What (aesthetically) do you like and/or dislike about SerandEz? Not that I'll necessarily listen, but you never know...

2) I'm having trouble with Technorati tags. Can anyone help? How do you do the actual tagging? For some reason, I end up with brackets around my tags - which means nobody can actually find them.

3) Now that there are multiple members of this blog, is there any way to have my picture and bio next to each other on the bottom? In general, actually - is there a way to have text wrap around or next to pictures and/or other text? Or have pictures next to each other?

4) How can I put a picture and/or logo at the top?

5) I'm trying to seperate my ever-cluttering blogroll into sections... any suggestions on how to do so? I'm leaning toward making a bunch of sections in the same way I use the Show/Hide now, and writing "Jewish" or "Politics" rather than "Show/Hide" - but I'm open to better suggestions.

6) I'd like to place some kind of seperator between posts - specifically, the same one that's underneath the header. But make it smaller, it disappears...

7) Longer posts, in general, I only place the first portion of on the front page. But I can't seem to avoid having the "Click here to continue..." line on every post.

8) Extend the scroll look in the middle to the edges... the normal ways don't work. Same question about the rest of the blog, too. Though it looks okay...

9) I'd like to create a cast of characters... would I have to create numerous individual posts to do so? Does anyone know how to link to the middle of a post?
Okay, that's all off the top of my head. Help!!


  1. Technorati offers the code for the tags on the tags page. Just duplicate the code and change the tag as needed.

  2. That's what I was doing, but I was getting the brackets...

  3. I hadn't thought of the bottom border! Thanks! Now I'll try and monkey around with that GIF file... I had tried using it by placing it before the post tags, so it would appear before every post by default. This might work better...