Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Creating A Monster

Wow. A couple of former Ba'alei Tshuvah (those who are brought into [lit. return to] Orthodox Judaism), "BT" and "Hanan", and possibly others later on, have begun a blog - Ba'al Tshuvas Anonymous. The blog site is actually, designed to catch the eyes of many. The blog began after many bloggers at the Godol Hador's blog suggested it, specifically throughout the comments to this post: Pushed off the Derech. This was continued in another post, Anti Kiruv? Moi?! Throughout the comments, many became curious as to the personal stories that led Hanan and the BT to where they are. They were kind enough to volunteer, and expressed the difficulties that ba'alei teshuva often face once they join the Orthodox world. This prompted the suggestions of many that this would make an excellent and interesting blog. After a little pushing, BT agreed. Hanan is still not sure, but hopefully he will join as well - he has much to talk about. Most likely, he will guest post.

Here is the official notification by BT:
I posted this on the wrong thread. This is where it all began:

Ok, I was encouraged to start this blog today, by Ezzie, Mis-nagid and S, et al. I'm hoping Hanan will contribute (don't worry, there's a spell checker, Hanan!)

The blog is called Ba'al T'shuvas Anonymous but since it's easier to type and more eye catching it's site is:

Thanks Godol for allowing the self-plug.
As I said in the comments:
I'm amazed, flattered, encouraged and appalled that I played a role in a blog called "Off The Derech" starting. I'm not sure if I should be happy or go run and say viduy. (I don't mean this in an offensive way BT, Hanan, or whomever...) I just hope and pray that good comes out of it, and perhaps there are those who will gain enough from the discussions to pursue a stronger form of Judaism.

No matter what, I'm sure it will be interesting.
B'hatzlacha - may you all find true happiness and everything else you are searching for.

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