Monday, January 02, 2006

JIB Awards 2005: The Nominees...

The JIB Awards nominees are up, as noted a few days ago, and I'm going to write a few posts on whom I like and who is out there. Meanwhile, a quick post on which blogs have the most nominations...

The blogs with the most nominations are Jewlicious and Kesher Talk, each garnering eight nominations. Wow. Jewlicious is hard to describe - it's basically a funny culture blog by a number of proud Jewish writers, who mix attacks against anti-Semites and stories about Jewish celebrities with pro-Israel news stories and their own takes and gossip on just about anything Jewish. Here's their description:
Welcome to Jewlicious: Where our delusions of grandeur and mutual admiration for each other are rivaled only by our self-loathing and in-fighting. "Just like the Jewish people, only bloggier!"
Kesher Talk by Judith Weiss is a bit more serious, and more political, commenting incisively on news and stories about Jews and Israel the world over. She also links to excellent stuff along with discussing some Jewish history once in a while, and originally thought up the name Haveil Havalim.

There are no blogs with 7 nominations, but there are four blogs with 6 each.
A Whispering Soul
Dov Bear
Mom with a View
To be honest, I've never heard of "Mom with a View" before now; it's apparently under Aish. DovBear is one of my personal favorite J-bloggers, even though we disagree often. In the past few days, he's actually dedicated 2 posts against me, leading to some wonderful debates and commentary. I described DB a while back:
DovBear has a tendency to say things that are misrepresentative and biased, but at the same time does back up much (well, some) of what he says. While I disagree with most of what he says, he often posts items which I could not have said any (well, much) better. He's a flaky moderate leftist with burts of right-wing straight-thinking, and does an excellent critique of many problems in the Orthodox Jewish world. [skip] At the same time, he argues well in his comments (the true blood of his blog), though there's still a strong bias to the left that takes a while to break through.
That was a few months ago, and now I would probably edit that a bit. DovBear is simply... entertaining.

As for Orthomom, see the skipped line.
[Orthomom does it better.]
She's simply the best analyst of the problems in Jewish culture that I read, whether writing about extravagant bar mitzvahs and strollers, chinese auctions, or the Five Towns in general. She's an excellent writer in addition to being a great analyst.

But even her writing isn't as good as MCAryeh of A Whispering Soul, who I recently started reading - nobody can capture so much in a blog post. You can't help but read a post of his and just :::pause::: to try and take it in.

There are another six blogs with 5 nominations, including this one.
Aaron's CC:
Krum as a Bagel
I honestly can't say anything about any of them save Krum. Krum is Orthomom-esque, but his strength is conflicts within the Orthodox Jewish world. His ability to look back on a controversial issue, whether Metzitza B'Peh or the Slifkin affair, and write well about what has come out of it, is rare.

I could write about myself, but I already do that plenty. If you want to know what this blog is about, read all the archives. :)

There are a number of blogs that have 4 nominations, including some of my own favorites, and a number I've never even heard of, which just shows you how large and diverse the J-blogosphere is.
A Simple Jew
Apropos Of Nothing
Because I'm In My Twenties And It's What You Do
Elie's Expositions
Jeru Guru
Life Of Rubin
Lulei Demistafina
Maven Yavin
Meryl Yourish
Nice Jewish Girl
Soccer Dad
The Dry Bones Blog
The View from Here
The Wandering Jew
The World Through my Eyes
Yeshayah 62:1 Israel News and Views
Zionist Conspiracy
While it's annoying and sad that some great blogs weren't nominated, or weren't nominated in certain categories, I understand that the organizers had to set rules, and chuck all those that weren't properly formatted. It stinks, but most of the blogs that should be there are, and there are plenty of great ones to choose from.

Remember to vote early and often [and for SerandEz!] when voting starts January 9th!!

And here are the rest, because I'm not writing anymore:
Three nominations:
Air Time
Atlas Shrugs
Beyond Teshuva
Boker tov, Boulder!
Elder of Ziyon
For Zion's Sake
Lazer Beams
Mah Rabu
Mirty's Place
Modern Orthodox Woman
Mystical Paths
On the Face
Orthodox Anarchist
Renegade Rebbetzin
Suburban Hymns
The 37th Tzaddik
The Jewish Connection
The Orthodox Paradox
This Blog is Full Of Crap
Yo, Yenta!
Two nominations:
Ask Shifra
CAMERA Snapshots
Chayyaei Sarah
Cox & Forkum
Elms in the Yard
Fundamentally Freund
Go West, Young Jew
Jerusalem Syndrome
Jewish Current Issues
Jewish Russian Telegraph
Joe Settler
KIC Israel
More Tales of Crime and Treason on the High Seas/Fudge
My Urban Kvetch
Queen of Katamon
Not the Godol Hador
Only in Israel
Protein Wisdom
Wilderness City
One nomination:
100 Word Stories
Am Echad
At Least Waste Your Time
Beach Hillel
Ben Chorin
Blog In Dm
Bring Back Sincerity
Cinnamon Rugelach
Dating Master Jerusalem
Diary of an anti-Chomskyite
Divest from "Palestine"
Elster's World
Engage - For a Safe Israel
Faith in Nathan
Findslay Osborn
Five Years Later
For Zion's Sake
Frume Sarah's World
Frumpter. Chassidic Law School Life
Gila's Big Adventure
Halfrican American
Hall of the Goblin King
Hassidic Gentile
Heichal HaNegina
I Dream, Therefore I am
Ice Cream and Me
If You Will It
In a Kingdom by the Sea
In My Humble Jewish Opinion
In the barren season
Israel Stories
JDaters Anonymous
Jewish Journey
Jewish Pod Show
Jew Zoo
Just Passing through
Kerckhoff Coffeehouse
Lerner's Jewish Bible Blog
Marty Roberts Show
Matzah & Marinara
Moving On
Mrs. Balabusta
My year in Haifa, Israel
NY's Funniest Rabbi
Ocean Guy: Somewhere on A1A
Pearlies of Wisdom
Podcast for Personal Growth
Point of Pinchas
Power Line
Roger L. Simon
Sameach Music Podcast
Seraphic Secret
Sister Soul
Smooth Stone
Something Something
Stacey's Shmatta
Stefanella's Drive-Thru
Sultan Knish
Superfluous Juxtaposition
Sweet Rose
The Four Questions
The Muqata
The Nice Jewish Website
The Pig Of Death
The Real Life
The Town Crier
Thoughts of a Jewish Exile
Torat Moshe
Turning The Tide
Velveteen Rabbi
Winds of Change
World Through My Eyes
Yeranen Yaakov
Yoni in israel
Zion B'Ayin
Zion Report
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  1. Thanks Jack - I was thinking of you, Ze'ev, and Jameel there...

  2. Don't mean to be picky, but I was nominated for two ;)

    Good luck to all bloggers out there. There are many people out there that deserve the awards for doing their bit towards Israel Advocacy and general good work.

    Enjoy the reading, and don't forget to vote!

    SerandEz - best of luck to you!

  3. Oy - I'll correct it later... :)


    I liked your Chanukah posts, btw...

  4. The number of nominations didn't mean anything to me -- it looked like most people nominated themselves.

  5. Yes & No. The posts were more self-nominated, which makes sense. The categories were more by other people.

  6. Ezzie,

    If missing out on the JIBs is the worst that happens to me, so be it.

  7. Cheers Ezzie, glad you enjoyed them.

  8. Ezzie, thanks for the kind words about my writing and my blog. It means a lot. I had no idea I was nominated in 6 different categories! I am not sure how I feel about competing (so many good blogs out there, and all are so different), but I think the exposure of the JIBs is good for the Jews (who blog) in general. Thanks again!

  9. Ezzie: The JIB's are controlled by Zionist Imperialists who have no sympathy for blogs called "The Muqata"

    What do they know. Then again...I was nominated for "Israel Advocacy" which makes little sense.

  10. jameel, you always crack me up. Ezzie, thanks for the incisive review of the nominations. I'd like to reiterate TM's point that although we're sometimes a tad irreverant, our purpose and motivations are quite serious. Its a bit early to see how things go with the voting but in any case, I know the JIBs will allow me and many others to be exposed to many other blogs that we may not otherwise be exposed to. That's pretty cool I think!

  11. Jack - Amen.

    TM - Heh. Absolutely - the JIBs are important only because they help foster that interaction.

    MCAryeh - I'm not sure how I feel about competing, either. When I post more about the jibs, you'll see - I don't think I'm even close in a few of the categories. But the exposure is what's important here, and it's nice to see so many new blogs. Just as I discovered you through HH, I'm sure I'll discover others through the JIBs.

    Jameel - LOL. :)

    CK - Oh, I think your blog does an excellent job of exposing anti-Semitism, being a positive force for Jews, etc.; I just think you're all pretty funny, from the times I've read you. And again, amen on the exposure!

  12. Good luck to us all, and here's to staying friends when this is all over. Actually, I feel a reduced sense of stress this year, having only been nominated twice for MUK and once for JDA. Of course, there are the 8 Jewlicious noms, of which I can claim one and one-seventh, I think. But math was never my forte.

    Here's to expanding our horizons in a blogitudinous manner...

  13. Heh, Esther. I almost wrote that you were all nominated for 8 - 1 each plus one for the blog. But 1.142857... sounds close enough.

  14. If I don't win, it will completely destroy me. This is very very important, almost as important as, wait, scratch that (no honey, I wasn't referring to you, no, don't hit me with that).

    Anybody know a good gift for a lovely wife and mother who feel's like a blog widow?

    Serandez, I'm very hurt you stopped at 4 nominations and didn't talk about me, not that I'm self centered or anything, and I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of having a weak self image that needs outside verification. Nope, that's not me.

    I better get back to studying the Zohar or something. Bye...

  15. LOL. Look at the bright side, I still listed you...! :)

  16. Anybody know a good gift for a lovely wife and mother who feel's like a blog widow?

    If you find one, let me know!! My wife is about ready to break the computer.

  17. If we are going to be picky, then I (TWTmE) was actually nominated for 6 too. More important to me is the exposure of the JIBs. I'm not the best marketer and til now my blog hadn't had that much exposure.

    Thank you for the added exposure and good luck to all the great bloggers out there.

  18. You're welcome, and sorry I didn't realize. It was tricky trying to put this post together... and I haven't edited it since the beginning, though I thought I would. Sorry!

    Good luck!