Friday, January 20, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/20

Interesting... at about 7:00 this evening, I quickly perused my entire blogroll, as I try to do at least once a day (one reason I'm reluctant to add any blogs to it, even though there a bunch I'd like to...) - and found just a few posts that I thought were good to include in this roundup. I just checked through them again... and now I have a bunch - and not just any bunch, but some really good posts.

Here they are:

*Post of the Day*
RX from Suburban Hymns joins the fun at Jameel - and blows everyone away at the end of her amazing story, even Jameel. Wow. Check out the posts from SoccerDad & Chana, too, as they guest-blog @ the Muqata as well.
Today was the day to blog about names, it seems...
ADDeRabbi does a follow-up post on the names post from yesterday; Stacey discusses her last name; JoeSettler gets called names; and SoccerDad names a whole list of bloggers who are related. I even got in on the action near the end of this post, discussing a quality of my own name. Then, SoccerDad told me that Daled Amos had mentioned my FIL's name, too.
JoeSettler reveals a secret; Elie hopes this secret isn't true; Avi wishes people wouldn't be so quiet about something that's not a secret at all; Orthomom notes that the NYC Department of Health has exposed the secrets of many Kosher restaurants, which makes Me-Ander's new Kosher Cooking Carnival all the more important!
AbbaGav discusses his life as a Geek in light of the James Frey story; Chaim finds a video of a guy lip-syncing to The Chevra's "Yehai" (no, not these guys...) - with a hilarious twist; Meryl Yourish points to a funny kid's book (as opposed to a funny kids book); and Daled Amos exposes the dark side of Dr. Seuss.
Elder of Ziyon exposes Palestinian hypocrisy, and notes some important news stories you missed; then he takes down some stupid reporters, while AbbaGav points out a photographer of the same ilk.
LabRab breaks down Cholov Yisroel according to R' Moshe Feinstein, then the whole "18 minutes" deal.
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