Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/24

In case y'all haven't yet realized, these roundups are no longer just roundups. The first couple of paragraphs are usually some random thoughts or musings, and then comes the roundup. I like that, because it allows me to post the "little things" that otherwise aren't "worth" posting. Think of it as my own version of Shoshana's "Sweet Rose Ramblings", without the second blog.

Now, I know I keep saying this, but I really am going to shorten these roundups and get more selective. Today happened to be a great day, so there are a bunch. I've also been crossing into Haveil Havalim territory a bit too much, though that's going to happen sometimes. And, since I've come to the realization that I'm not going to be able to read every blog post I want to, please feel free to submit posts that you think are good. I like reading them, and enjoy linking to them, and maybe you'll pick up another few readers that way. So, if you've got something you want others to see, or are looking for some more opinions on, or whatever... email me at serandez at verizon dot net. Thanks!

And now, onto the roundup:

*Post of the Day*: ZionReport's Memories Long Gone notes the Jew who is hopefully long gone from our world. I fear that this Jew still exists, in different forms; but not to the extent it ever has in the past.

BeyondBT warns against FFB-bashing, though I hadn't noticed it.

CrossCurrents has a good post which discusses the importance of pointing out the negative aspects of the Jewish community. I think this is an important point, particularly the early portion of it:
Denouncing evil within our community – by the right people, at the right time – in my mind is so clear, that no further proof is necessary.
Krum tries to tackle R' Y.B. Soloveitchik's views on Torah & Science at Maven Yavin.

Jameel's post is just interesting and good. I'm not sure how to describe what it's about in shorthand, so just go read it.
MFM/S.'s post is just cool: An Iranian going to Israel to write about its positives.

IfYouWillIt rants on Israel's obsession with the "fax" - then finds a really great Firefox addition to let you view pages in IE when they only work in IE. Thanks!

Irina waxes poetic about Bialik in a class with Arabs about Israel.
Batya laments the depreciation of the $20 bill...

Mirty debates whether to reconnect with her past.

SoccerDad tells an embarrassing story about a stuffed animal from a Shabbos table of the past.
PsychoToddler misses a chance to shut up an idiot.

Robbie pokes fun at me as he sells out for votes.
The Jesters think Kobe is making a good case for MVP (not acc. to me...), talk about teachers who should be fired, and discuss the Millenial Generation - mine. I normally don't link to so many posts from one place, but I really liked all of them.

Chaim is trying to review the JIB nominees now, too. Today: Best Designed Blog.

Orthomom questions the wisdom of winter vacations and parents.

Shoshana questions whether intelligence is a gift.
Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the link, just shows how much has happened in just 6 months.

  2. Wow - two links in one post - thanks for the continued support!

  3. Helpful roundup, led to some interesting posts! ;)

  4. I really have got delayed on my way round the blogs, thanks for another mention, and another great round up. You've made me feel like I haven't posted for a lifetime!