Saturday, January 21, 2006

Need a Laugh?

Two tidbits about this blog, and then my point:

1) I often check to see where people come from to visit this blog, and almost every day there's a couple hits of people trying to find the "Shidduch Music Video" by a couple of Lander guys that I posted about a few months ago. I rarely post links to videos, but every once in a while, particularly if someone sends me a link and I really enjoy it, I do.

2) The sidebar on this blog, and the general design, are meant primarily to suit how I use my computer. Its secondary purpose is to make it convenient for those who visit (and myself) who are trying to find certain posts, particularly those who come to read SIL and Professor Justice. Since Blogger doesn't (yet) have a way to sort posts into categories, I've slowly been inserting the "drop-down" menus on the sidebar.

I try to make SerandEz look decent, and neat, and formatted correctly: But apparently, a lot of Internet Explorer users have had trouble, with the posts being well below the sidebar. I tried to fix it, and think I may have - but I'm not interested in spending more time on it, so if it's not working, I'm sorry. (Get Firefox by Mozilla! :) )

Point: I added the "Fun Videos" drop-down menu to the sidebar, which is basically the posts that I know have links to fun/funny videos I've linked to in the past. I hope to add more drop-downs in the future for other categories, but this one was easy, and fun - I watched "Don't Drink & Dance" again, and it's just as funny the umpteenth time.


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  1. How did you manage to insert the drop downs?

  2. I could tell you, but you're better off going to Mirty's great blog, Codescripter - on my blogroll. She has a post about it which is how I learned how...

  3. Firefox and Skype are revoltionisng the net. I think my blog is a bit techy with IE, but hey, I use FF too!