Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/18

All right. Since, essentially, I'm a moron, and I haven't even STARTED reading the stuff I need to for auditing, and I need to write a 5-paragraph paper as well, and I have zero self-control, I need to stop blogging now. Maybe SIL will go ahead and post again today - yesterday's Go Ahead... Sound Professional was hilarious. Instead, here's a few other posts for you to read:
PsychoToddler's father is ill. Please daven for Eliezer ben Perel.

AskShifra continues the run at Jameel's with an amazing post about those last 18 minutes in her home.

OurKidsSpeak has taken off well, and it's non-stop smiles and laughter. Check it out!

Orthomom has a couple of great posts as usual, one asking your opinion on clients' manners, and another discussing a fascinating story about a Charedi artist.

She also points to a good post by MUST Gum Addict on what's good about the 5 towns.

LabRab has an entertaining post about Chaleiv Yisroel and ice cream as he tries it out for at least a day.
Check it out!

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