Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's Crammin' Time!!

Note: This post is primarily for me to organize my own thoughts and allow me to figure out what I need to do over the next week or so. There's a great chance you will find it incredibly boring, or just completely incoherent. On the other hand, you never know, do you?

It is currently 1:17:28 AM EST. [Uh-oh, I think I'm addicted to 24 again.]

Over the next 160 or so hours, I have the following to do...


Start writing a number of essays, including a few 5-paragraph essays on poems and stories I've never read, but most importantly a 5-page essay on something from The Republic, along with editing a 5-page essay I wrote earlier in the semester. The tricky part is editing the one I wrote: As I wrote it the first time, I realized as I got to the conclusion that my thesis was false - so I destroyed it in the conclusion. The teacher agreed... but that means I'd basically written a terrible thesis and contradicted my own points, so I got a B/B+. To avoid this, I need to essentially rewrite the thesis completely or revamp the whole essay - but it can't be a completely new essay. Very frustrating - I basically painted myself into a corner.
Go to Lander, pick up notes on all the Literature classes from the semester, most of which I missed. The notes are incomplete, however, so I may also have to read a number of literature and philosophical pieces. I also cannot actually begin re-writing the essay I need to edit until I get these papers, because the professor's edits are on the original which is at the school.
Literature Final.
Study for Auditing Final - 7 chapters from a book I don't own, so have never read before in my life. Missing most of the classes certainly won't help either.

Study for Auditing Final. Notice that was continuous: There's no way I'm studying anywhere near 24 hours for the final. I'll likely read the 7 chapters somewhat slowly, take breaks to daven, sleep, and possibly eat, and of course: Blog. ;)
Auditing Final.
Try and track down a Management textbook. Do every single assignment for online course in Management that I didn't do all semester, consisting of 9 homeworks, a midterm, and the "take-home" portion of the final. E-mail professor and explain why I didn't do anything until now. Learn Management material for Sunday afternoon final.

Management Final in Brooklyn. Somehow, I better be able to see the AFC & NFC Championship games. This is NOT good.
Find out what is on Computers with Business Applications Final. Borrow friend's textbook at night, learn whatever material I need for the final.

Computers final.

Episode 5 of 24!!!
After 24:
Go home. Collapse in heap.
Wow. The reason I like to write all this out is simple: Once it's all written out, it actually doesn't seem quite so bad. Items such as "learn and understand perfectly a few months of an auditing class you missed most of" are neatly placed into "study 7 chapters of auditing", which makes it sound almost easy.

I've also left out all the "little" things I need to do, such as plan out the weeks following this one, including looking for a job, a couple job interviews I'm in the process of lining up, a trip to Cleveland by both of us from February 3rd-6th and another one I'm going on alone to Los Angeles from either the 6th or 7th to the 9th. Then there's this Shabbos here, which may or may not consist of a large number of guests, possibly a couple of engagement parties, trying to pay bills with money that doesn't exist, and visiting my grandparents whom we haven't seen in a while even though they live right here.

I'm reasonably certain I'm leaving out a ton, but this should keep me going for a while. Whatever I forgot, Serach will be sure to remind me.

Heh. 2:11:20...