Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Go ahead and... sound professional

Ever call customer service and have them tell you "I'll go ahead and note that on your account" or "I'll go ahead and give you a credit" or "I'll go ahead and enter your payment"?? There's even an On-Star commercial where the operator says "I'll go ahead and wait on the phone with you until emergency services arrive." What exactly is the effort and hard work involved in pressing a few keys on a keyboard or waiting on the phone? How does that involve "Going ahead"?

Last night I was talking to a a gentleman who works for AOL in India, named "Donald". He told me "I'm going to go ahead and take you off of our telemarketing list." With his accent, this American phrase sounded very odd. So I asked him "When you say 'Go ahead and...' is this a phrase you picked up when you learned English or were you told to say it?" He admitted that AOL told them to say it "to sound professional".

There you have it - trying to sound like you're going out of your way to help the customer when you're really doing very little is Professional.

I'm going to go ahead and, oh... this is hard work... click on "Publish Post"...