Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/31

After a couple hours of fixing my computer, I finally have rid it of the latest problem. It bothers me to no end that what seems to cause the biggest problems on my computer these days are not viruses or worms, spyware or adware - but rather, glitches caused by components of my computer's hardware or software for which I spent a lot of money. After much Googling and trying different suggestions, I finally discovered that Norton was causing the problems I was having - requiring me to uninstall and reinstall it, which takes a long time...

I don't understand: Mozilla Firefox, AIM Triton, Spybot, Picasa, Skype, and Blogger all work wonderfully - and were free. Dell, Microsoft's Windows, and Symantec/Norton charge me a decent amount of money... and cause problems?! What is wrong with this picture?

:::sigh::: And now, on to the roundup:

It's going to be a bit of a showcase today, with a number of blogs you probably haven't seen (except perhaps here).

Rafi G. opens his real mailbox and finds two items: An incredible letter from a terror victim's father about the movie, Paradise Now; and some tzedakah spam, which he wonders whether to ignore or read.

Oleh Chadasha gives a really great, smart, and complete analyzation of Israel's responsibility in terms of Iran.

(From S.) Bava Dilbert looks at the history of Jewish head coverings.

Nephtuli explains how Hamas is completely different than Hitler.

Jameel begins a fantastic story about a trip to Manila. His checkpoint experience in Israel, however, is an incredible reminder of just how "on edge" Israelis are.

Orthomom discusses the Jewish Press article I blasted.

Mirty discusses a fascinating study about analytical parents and autistic children.

Jack talks about a blogger's nightmare...

Help BeyondBT spend some money!

AbbaGav notes that not much has changed in the Middle East reporting. BlogHead knows why.

Miriam also notes another person running for Knesset - and he's just opened a blog, too. I guess Ze'ev isn't the only one.

Dave explains the real reason for the blue stripes on the Israeli flag... there were a few people who did this, in response to a dumb Hamas comment from earlier, but Dave's was the most encompassing and first I saw.

Robbie draws cartoons for the first time. Let's hope this isn't a recurring feature. (Okay, they were all right...)

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