Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tweaking SerandEz...

For a long time, this blog has been loading particularly slowly. Sure, I tell people to get Mozilla (which is a better browser anyway), and that helps - but the blog itself is slower than other ones anyway. I've been cleaning up the template lately, and with the addition of the beautiful header (thanks Chaim!) yesterday, it emphasized just how slow it is. Until yesterday, you'd see a blank top for a couple seconds, then the rest; now, you see the header for a couple seconds, then the rest.

Now, I could go on a rant about how 3 seconds really aren't all that important - but I'm just as spoiled when it comes to pages loading on a computer. So I've been trying to fix it up, getting rid of the (nice) garbage on the sidebar I don't really need. I will not delete it all - in fact, what's left now I'd like to keep. But if people could let me know which parts are loading slow, that would be great. When a page loads, the bottom left part of your browser [where it probably says "Done" now] says what exactly is loading. If you can tell me if there are any parts there that seem to take a while, that would be great - I'd be able to see if it's common to everybody.

There really may be no solution, short of switching templates. As Mirty noted, which I've mentioned in the past, all the blogs that use this "Scribe" template seem to load slower. Others don't think so - and either way, this blog is slower than those. I thought it may be all the links that I put in: Much as a Haveil Havalim host's page may slow a bit, my roundups may slow things down as well. However, I didn't do a roundup for a few days to see if it would help, and it didn't.

Heh - MCAryeh just commented it's much better. Do others agree?