Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hillary Clinton: Conservative

According to 12% of a poll conducted by Gallup, CNN, and the USAToday. I'm not kidding. Now, let's think about this: 51% say she's liberal; one would have to assume that includes most conservatives and some moderates and liberals. 32% say she's moderate; that likely includes the remainder of conservatives and most moderates and liberals. 5% say "other" - I have no clue what that means; and 12% say she's conservative.

Now, who would call Hillary Clinton conservative? Conservatives? Never. Moderates? No. Most Democrats? Nope. The only answer I can think of is the far-left fringe of this country, made up of the most extreme liberals. This group now makes up twelve percent of this country!? Even if the sampling for the poll were terrible, and you take into account the +/-3%, you'd have to assume that about one in ten Americans honestly think Hillary Clinton is conservative. That's crazy. Has the far-left really become so delusional?

Apparently, it has.

As a note, I'd love to see more polls like this. How about more questions that the answers are pretty obvious to, such as "Did President Bush orchestrate 9/11?" "Does Hamas call for the destruction of Israel?" "Who would you like to see in prison more: Bush or Bin Laden?" and the like. When Americans see what percentage answers those questions like complete idiots, they will know to discount the left by that amount in every subsequent poll.

(Hat tip: Ian Schwartz)