Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I've got a final in Advanced Accounting in a few hours, and I haven't yet had a chance to study [didn't feel well last night, slept from 7:30pm to 9:30am - normally I sleep 4-5 hours], so blogging today will be a bit slow. I'm curious as to what people think about Alito - not "will he overturn Roe", or "will he okay the NSA intercepts" - but whether he's qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice. I think the burden of proof, as he has been nominated with solid credentials and a 'highest qualified' rating from the American Bar Association, is on those who say he is not qualified.

So: 1) Is he qualified? 2) If no, why not? 3) Do you really care about it?

Instapundit points to Daniel Drezner, who's taking submissions for "dumbest comments from a Senator during the hearings". It's an impressive list on both sides, and really makes you wonder about our politicians.

Finally, I'm still looking for a job for February [which, for all of the time-oblivious, is very soon] - if anyone knows of a good accounting position, or a good accountant at a good firm, and wants to let them know there's a certain young accountant wanna-be looking for a job, that would be really, really cool. By the advice of approximately 90+% of the commenters from last time, I won't [at least for now] post my resume, but it's IM[biased]HO a good one and I can forward it upon request. Thanks! (And thanks to those who actually did this already - I really appreciate it!)