Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Saved!! Any Suggestions?

As I noted yesterday, it's a crazy week. But so far, so good. I wrote 2 of the 3 5-paragraph essays I needed to, and edited the 5-pager (into 7 pages). Someone called to book my LA ticket for me, and a blogger I'm quite interested in meeting is staying right near here, so hopefully we'll have a chance to actually meet. I actually studied a bit for my Literature final, and aside from the nice person who supplied me with notes, I must thank Wikipedia. Every time I use it, I appreciate its value more and more. It's a wonderfully fast way of researching whatever topics you need to - and as long as the subject has no political aspects, it's generally extremely well put together.

I started the essay on The Republic, but I will have to finish it after the final and then drop it in the professor's box. Any suggestions on which parts I should utilize? I'm looking to explain why a philosopher-king is just not practicable as a leader, and the flaws in the utopian style state of Socrates. The arguments are coherent in my mind, but I have yet to find stand-alone examples upon which to pick and explain why they cannot possibly work. By stand-alone, I mean examples which do not require me to waste a page trying to describe the background of the example, which turns off the reader. I need good, pointed examples. Any ideas? DB? R2JB? Nephtuli? Who are the literature experts out there?

Also, some posts I'd like to write in the near future: Living in the J-Blogosphere (because of Irina), Why I'm Jewish (many people, starting with Holy Hyrax), and Why I Blog (many people, starting with Jack). Of course I also have to break down why the Panthers and Broncos are going to the Super Bowl, analyze how the GOP is righting itself properly [so far] after a terrible year, continue analyzing the JIBs, and figure out what the heck is going on in Israel. :::sigh::: Wouldn't it be nice if time stopped so we could blog?!