Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Politicizing of a Pick

Shame, shame, shame. [rant]

Samuel Alito's confirmation is likely to come very close to being decided on party grounds. This is simply pathetic. I'm not interested in going on and on about this, so I'll state it simply:

The nominees for Supreme Court Justice are not even supposed to be asked what their opinions are. This turned into the "Ginsburg no response" attitude for a while; and this year, the Democrats argued that even this should not be done. That's simply stupid. There is a reason Justice Ginsburg, an outspoken former ACLU head who openly advocated her pro-Roe views, passed 96-3. Justice Breyer passed 87-9. Why? Because they were qualified.

The President of the United States is the one who chooses Supreme Court nominees. He is supposed to choose qualified judges. They can be as conservative or liberal as he would like - as long as they are qualified. [edit] Let me repeat that: They can be as conservative or liberal as he would like - as long as they are qualified. [/edit] Disagreeing with any previous decision of the Court does not deem someone "unqualified"; neither does having a viewpoint on anything. Many polls asked US citizens whether they think Alito should be confirmed if he would overturn Roe vs. Wade, and 2/3 said "No". Apparently, most US citizens have no clue what matters in deciding to confirm a Supreme Court Judge. The American Bar Association gave him its highest rating - do most people even know that?

A number of other bloggers* pointed out the stupidity of Dianne Feinstein, who stated "he's qualified" and in the next breath said she would "vote against him", because she's not sure what he'll rule in certain cases. That's just idiotic. I have yet to hear a single reason why Judge Samuel Alito is "not qualified" that didn't include some future cases that someone is afraid he'll rule a certain way on. Pathetic.

Shame, shame, shame. [/rant]

EDIT: Judeopundit sent me the Feinstein link: Thanks, Yitzchak!

* If y'all [JudeoPundit? Nephtuli? CWY? Others?] e-mail me or leave a comment, I'll put in the links - I'm just not interested in perusing archives now...

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