Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One Small Step...

...toward peace between Jews and Arabs.

Today, I took that small step - and my Arab neighbor took one in return. Will this be the first of many steps, in an effort to build an everlasting peace between Jew and Arab?

In a building that has 6 Jewish families, there is but one apartment of Arabs - and yet, the Arabs number almost as many as the Jews. There has been some animosity, usually kept under a tight lid; with an occasional flare-up, usually meant to disturb the otherwise peaceful lives. These flare-ups sometimes lead to responses, which lead to greater disruptions: But in the end, all returns to a tense quiet.

But today was different. Today's historic event, the opening of the door to a brilliant future, may be looked back upon one day as the catalyst for a lasting peace. Today, all the rubbish was removed, as that door was opened - and held open - by a team. A team that is rarely seen, but a team nevertheless: A team of Jew and Arab.

Today, I am proud to say that I took that small step and opened that door - and my young Arab neighbor took a small step herself and held that door open. I let her in, and she returned the favor.

Yes. Today, I took out that garbage: And on my way out, I let in that Arab neighbor. She then held the door for her Jewish neighbor, me, as I maneuvered the garbage outside. It was incredible, and it was touching. It was a moment that will live in Kew Gardens Hills history.

My wife is happy, too.