Monday, January 09, 2006

Of Commercials And Communism

My friends over at the InterGalacticJester are a hilarious, entertaining, very smart group of people. I haven't had time to comment over there as much as I'd like to lately, especially because they've been posting a bunch lately, but I had to highlight this comment. It's a thread of imaginary commercials - and they're hilarious (though there's a sick one in there, so be careful). Anyways... here's a hilarious one:
Ok, Ok, here's a keeper:

A cleancut, athletic man sits at a cramped desk, clearly miserable (think Mr. Incredible at his insurance job). He looks out his window to see a giant picture of Chairman Mao painted on the building next door. Chinese troops parade through the street below. We flash back to his college days, and see this man, and others, adorned in long hair, flowers, peace symbols, and round, John Lennon-style sunglasses, parading and shouting with a "no recruiting on campus!" sign held in front of their unruly mob. In front of them we see a noble military recruiter being dragged from his booth by hippies. In a tear-jerkingly symbolic moment, the young hippe watches as the recruiter folds his American flag- gently, gently now - and places it softly in his briefcase. The bearded, foolish young man catches his eye. A tear spills out as the recruiter stands at attention and salutes. Flash back to present: a cane strikes the back of our protagonist, as a guard in commie garb screams "Diddy MAO!" Disgusted with his anti-military past, the man shakes his head and weeps. Finally, the heart-wrenching climax of the commercial (queu the national anthem in background) as he draws his ACLU membership from his wallet and tears it to pieces. As it flutters into the trashcan, queu our slogan: "Freedom Isn't Free... Join the Army Today!"
Heh. As a note, this commenter (Great Brendino) is the RWer of the group - a couple others lean the other way. Go join the fun, submit your own commercial!


  1. Ezzie,

    Much thanks for the link. I can't wait to hear what Brendino says when I tell him he's coming across as a right-winger. He likes to think of himself as liberal, but I think living out in San Francisco has really soured him on the farthest reaches of the left-wing and he's being pushed toward the other end of the spectrum in response.

    If your readers are looking for something a little more serious on our blog, I'd sincerely recommend the post on India's female abortions. My good friend Vikrum is currently living, studying, and working in Bombay and posted some excellent information in the comments section. A Cornell graduate, he writes beautifully, and in my humble opinion, understanding Indian culture should be a very high priority for our generation of Americans.

    Thanks, again. Hope all is well.

  2. Heh - only RW compared to the rest of you... :)

    I actually preferred CMS' post on Alito - that was really great.