Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/19

Heh. Interestingly, the post before this was supposed to be a roundup. Then it turned into a post about writing... then a thank you. Whatever way the fingers lead? Or is it the mind? Speaking of the mind... I keep on almost starting the "Why I Blog" post, only to decide that there's too many aspects that I must first organize before putting it into a post. Every day, I read or think of another piece I'd love to add, a new way of putting things that is *just right*.

Ah, well. Meanwhile, enjoy the wisdom of others:
MCAryeh continues the blogger-fest at Jameel's, telling the "true story" of how Jameel got his mojo.

Mrs. Balabusta dreams up the Mommy Olympics.
Irina rants about modern-day saints, pious Jews, and the overwhelmingly intelligent. Or those who think they are, anyway.

Shoshana reflects on how much her life has changed since the last time she left Israel, and notes how hard it is being lonely.

Meryl Yourish has some pretty great students.

Robbie is sick of blinking blue ears.
Israel: Ze'ev is despondent over the despondency of voters.

Jewish Culture:
Krum finally pieces together Slifkin & Metzitza B'Peh, his two favorite subjects.

ADDeRabbi has a wonderful post about names at Maven Yavin, and Gil answered an old question of mine in the comments with a link to an article he wrote - excellent. [The link is to the part relevant to my Q; the rest of the article is above it.]
BTA struggles with the struggle [and yes, I just wrote that] of being a frum skeptic married to a frum believer.

Godol Hador speaks out against skepticism after debating faith.
Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Looking forward to the "why I blog" post, whenever it comes...

  2. Thanks for the inclusion, as always. I like having my name in purple!

  3. MCAryeh - Me too. :) I keep typing in the title, then pushing it off.

    Shoshana - You're welcome. Heh - each person gets a color based on their blog... so it makes sense!

  4. I'm not sure what color you put me in, but I'm just surprised it wasn't pink!

  5. Thanks for the mention! I love the colorcoding idea! : )

  6. Robbie - Heh. That would be stereotyping... ;)

    Irina - You're welcome!